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Review: Tech Support by Jet Mykles

Title: Tech Support Author: Jet Mykles Publisher: Loose Id Length: Novella Rating: 3 stars Aaron is a painfully shy 25-year-old working on a company’s tech support staff. He is nervous interacting with people, although a whiz with his computers.  As the new guy on his team, Aaron is sent to the office of Yoshiki Fukui […]

Review: I, Omega by Kari Gregg

Buy Link: I, Omega Author: Kari Gregg Publisher: Loose Id Length: Novel Rating: 4 Ok, I will admit it. I saw this cover and wanted to read this book.  Hey, good marketing, right?  Then I read the blurb and was even more intrigued.  Even though the story is a bit out of my comfort zone, […]

Review: Kindred Hearts by Rowan Speedwell

Buy Link: Kindred Hearts Author: Rowan Speedwell Publisher: Dreamspinner Press Length: Novel Rating: 5 out of 5 I originally bought Kindred Hearts b/c I loved Speedwell’s Finding Zach so much, even though I don’t read a lot of m/m historicals. But I am happy to say I loved Kindred Hearts and would highly recommend it. As […]

Joyfully Jay on COP

Hi everyone! Today I am really excited because Joyfully Jay is being featured at one of my favorite sites, Cup  o’Porn.  If you haven’t been there before, COP is joint effort between the amazing authors Marie Sexton and Heidi Cullinan.  For starters, lots of super hot pictures (which you could have guessed from the title!). […]

Review: Clear Water by Amy Lane

Buy Link: Clear Water Author: Amy Lane Publisher: Dreamspinner Press Length: Novel Rating: 5 stars Patrick Clearly starts out Clear Water as sort of a mess. He is struggling to get his life together, get a job and go back to school, but his confidence is shot and he feels like he is always a […]

Coming Up This Week

Hi everyone, lots of exciting stuff coming up on Joyfully Jay to share with you all!  First, I’ve got three reviews coming up for you this week: Monday – Clear Water by Amy Lane Wednesday – Kindred Hearts by Rowan Speedwell Friday – Tech Support by Jet Mykles I may slide something else in there […]

Review: Too Soon for Love by Kimberly Gardner

Buy Link: Too Soon for Love Author: Kimberly Gardner Publisher: MLR Press Length: Novel Rating: 4 Michael Stricker has just lost Phillip, his partner of 12 years.  The men were together since Michael was just 19, so Michael has essentially spent all his adult life in the relationship.  He misses Phillip intensely, and is also overwhelmed by […]

Imaginary Sex

I will admit right now that I like a good sex scene or two (or four, or 10) in my romance novels.  And the juicer the better.  In addition to the obvious voyeuristic enjoyment of reading about two hot people getting it on, I think these scenes can bring a lot to the reader’s understanding […]