Series Spotlight: Heaven Sent by Jet Mykles

I’d be willing to venture that the books in Jet Mykles’ Heaven Sent series are among the most popular and well known m/m books focusing on rock stars and musicians. In fact, five of them are in the top 10 Goodreads Best Gay Rockers list.

I read them all straight through a while back; once I started the first one I couldn’t put them down until I finished them all.  It is a long series, so rather than reread and review them all here, I decided to start a new feature on Joyfully Jay called Series Spotlight where I’ll highlight a particular series and talk about each of the books, but not do a formal review.

The Heaven Sent series follows a rock band named, you guessed it, Heaven Sent, led by lead singer Johnnie Heaven. Each of the first four stories features one of the band members, the fifth covers all the couples, and the last book focuses on their manager, Gretchen. Most showcase an out-for-you (OFY) theme. I’d say the series ranged from 4-4.5 for me and I’d definitely recommend it, especially if you like a lot of Mykles’ work or really enjoy OFY books. It does take a bit of suspension of disbelief that ALL the band members end up being gay, especially since they don’t all start out that way.  But if you can get past that it is a lot of fun. The series is also nicely intertwined because they are all part of the same band, so you get the chance to catch up with old characters in each new book which I really loved.  Oh, and how about these covers?  They are so gorgeous!

The first book in the series features lead singer Johnnie Heaven. It is told from the POV of Tyler, a hotel owner and big fan of the band. Tyler is launching a new club at his hotel and Johnnie and the gang agree to come for opening night.  Tyler has never before considered being with a man (and in fact recently ended an engagement), but Johnnie’s magnetism just draws him in.  This is my favorite book of the series.  You can’t help but love Johnnie and he and Tyler are such a good match.

Purgatory follows bass player Luc and artist-turned-teacher Reese. Reese grew up with the guys from the band and had always had a thing for Luc.  However, when Reese confessed his feelings as a young man, Luc got freaked out at the idea of being with another guy and ran off.  The book then picks up years later when the band is back in town and Luc seeks out Reese to make amends.  Luc ends up realizing he really wants to be with Reese and is determined to get him back.

The band needs a new keyboardist and they end up bringing Hell Witting into the group.  Hell is a tiny, purple haired powerhouse and he sets his sights on the more reserved Brent.  But Brent is wary at the idea of being involved with a member of the band, even though he is totally into Hell.  This book seems to be a favorite for a lot of folks, I think because a lot of people really like Hell.  This wasn’t my favorite of the series, but I do like the opposites attract nature of the story and the unusual twist of little Hell being the bossy top!

Faith follows Darien, the fourth member of the band.  After his recent divorce, he now finds himself alone while all his fellow band members are recently paired off.  He has never been into guys, but having seen all his friends get together with other guys, he wonders if maybe he is missing something.  And his sexy divorce lawyer, Chris, may be just what he needs.

Genesis is a compilation story featuring the couples from the first four books. It takes place just before their New Year’s concert and catches us up on what is going on with all the guys.  They all have various issues and stress that they work through over the course of the book and the story jumps around between the couples.  This is probably not a book for a standalone, but it is a nice way to  revisit the guys if you have been following the series.

The last book in the series is a menage story featuring Gretchen, the band manager. She meets handsome Archer, owner of a software company that wants to make a game featuring the guys.  At the same time , she realizes the mutual attraction with her adorable assistant Owen. And even better, both the guys are hot for each other.  Gretchen has never considered a three-way partnership but something about the three of them together just works.

So that is Heaven Sent!  I think it is a really fun series and worth checking out.  There is also a spin off series called Indigo Knights, about another band that we meet during this series.


  1. >I loved Heaven Sent but I haven't read the last one. I think my favourite is Luc and Reese, not sure why because usually I hate when one character does something like Luc did, but it worked and then when Reese told off that chick in Genesis, oh yay. :-)

  2. >I liked this one for Reese especially. Loved watching him sort of claim himself again after years of sort of losing his real self and what he really wanted.

  3. >Heaven Sent is like the cracked out cartoon version of rock star life. Waaaaay too much fun.

    Also, those two comments above have made me want to speed up and finish HELL asap so I can get to Genesis. No one likes Reese but me… even though I wanted to smack him, I thought he was fun times.

    Better than some. I think we've discussed my least favorite of the series before. *cough*daterape*cough*

  4. >Yes, it is interesting to compare these with Reverb b/c such different tone and everything from the same author. They are definitely a bit fluffy – I mean they ALL turn out to be gay? But they are so much fun. And yes, I know you don't like Johnnie and his "forced seduction". Does it make me a bad person that I love him anyway?

  5. >I've been seeing the name "Jet Mykles" all over the place but never read any of the books. These sound like a lot of fun.

  6. DarienMoya says:

    >Love the Heaven Sent series with Darien being my fave *duh*. Heaven was the second book I read when I started reading M/M and I have Jet to blame for getting me hooked to Yaoi.

  7. >I too love the Heaven Sent series. Heaven and Purgatory were my favorites but all the books were fun reads and great to revisit.

  8. >This is definitely a fun series to read. There's a little bit of angst here and there, but mostly things are pretty much on the lighter side. It may not be all that realistic, but I still enjoyed reading all the books. I liked Indigo Knights, too. The covers are so gorgeous. My favorite one is Heaven(sigh…Johnnie).

    Did you know that there are also a set of short stories for each of the guys? They each revolve around a holiday or season. You can find them on Loose ID's website.

    Pretty Red Ribbon-Johnnie & Tyler
    Feisty Little Firecracker- Brent & Hell
    Sexy Spring Surprise-Luc & Reese
    Sly Spectral Trick-Darien & Chris

  9. >Hahaha certainly not — Tyler likes him too :D Hell, I like that kind of thing when it's in, you know. That kind of book. This one was supposed to be all sweet and happy ending, so I think I was just a bit O_o

    So, so glad someone told me to continue with the series after that though. Waaaaay too much fun to miss. Fluffy, yeah, but you know I like the crack.

    A band full of gay dudes… who aren't gay. Or something. Good times.

  10. Erica Pike says:

    >I have these, but I still haven't read them. They're on high priority though.

  11. >Ooh, thanks Lisa. I will check these out for sure.

  12. >Hi jayhjay,

    I'm with Tam, Luc and Reese are my favorites for all the reasons you both mentioned with Johnny and Tyler a close second. Genesis was great, too – I just like visiting established couples. In fact, if I reread it's almost always Genesis. All that awesomeness in one book. *lol* And the covers are definitely eyecatchers! ;)

    Own "Revelations" but could never bring myself to read it. And I loved the first Indigo Knights installment. Hot and sweat.

    You should definitely check out the shorts that Lisa pointed out! Again, my favorite is Luc and Reese. Those two just got to me. :)

  13. booklover0226 says:

    >After I read book 1, I went and bought the rest of the series and read each book, back to back.

    I think it's time for me to re-read it.

    Tracey D

  14. >I was wary of revelations bc I don't read much with female love interests. But I really liked it and the two guys are hot together. It is not just each of them with her, but them with each other as well.

  15. >Yeah these are an addictive series. I think I originally read Hell first and loved it so much, i literally inhaled all of the others in a very short time. They are just fun, light-hearted reads and I loved that they revolved around a rock band. Faith was probably my least favorite, only because I wasn't as invested in Darien for some reason. But I loved them all as a series.

    Haven't read Revelations for some reason, even though I love menage stories. And LOVED the spinoff Indigo Knights, I really hope she writes more of them.

    Aww… now I want to go reread them . :)

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