Guest Post and Giveaway: A Dom by Any Other Name by Kim Dare

Hello everyone! Please join me in welcoming author Kim Dare to the blog. Kim is here to talk about her new release, Once a Brat. She has also brought a great giveway.  Welcome Kim!

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Hi everyone – Thank you for joining me on my first ever solo virtual book tour, and thank you to my lovely host for making me so welcome here!

For the next week I’ll be turning up on some of your favourite blogs to chat about my latest release with Riptide Publishing – Once a Brat.

So, if you like brats, leather, valentines, gay sex, lots of kink, love and a happy ending, tag along and find out a little bit more about how the book came into being, what to buy for a kinky Valentine lover and a whole lot more.

I’ll also be offering the chance to win titles from my backlist and coming soon list. Keep reading to find out what you need to do to enter the giveaway.

A Dom By Any Other Name

For someone who doesn’t have any children and who has never felt the desire to have any, I own an insane number of baby naming books. (Kim, by the way, is my first name in “real life” too. It means different things in different cultures, and can be given to a boy or a girl, depending on which country a baby is born in.)

My favourite book is 1001 Baby Names. Its content is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. Since I write far more male characters than female ones, the boys names section is far more well-thumbed. There are also lots sticky notes in there, from when I tried to never repeat a main character name in two different stories. That idea fell by the wayside after about fifty titles, lol.

Sometimes a character’s name comes to me as soon as I get an idea for a story. More often than not, I end up thinking about them as “the dom” and “the sub” for a long time before I actually pull out the naming book or log onto a baby naming website and try to find something that suits the story, the situation and the guy.

Some writers love coming up with names for their characters, I’m not generally one of their group. I don’t often find it easy to find a name that really fits the individual character. I’ve been known to change a guy’s name half a dozen times, or more, as I write and edit a story. (I love Word’s “find and replace” function!) The names of secondary characters also get forgotten and changed on a regular basis, depending upon a whole host of factors, my mood being one of them.

I often have a book I’m writing, one I’m editing ready for submission and a couple that I’m working on with different editors at different publishers, all on the go at the same time. And that’s not counting all those, lined up in my head, I’ve yet to start writing. I’ve been known to get confused. Even when I know exactly what character I’m writing about, the wrong name sneaks into the text.

And, that brings me to Marcus.


A couple of years ago I wrote a story called Call Me Sir, Boy. The main character had a friend—Marcus. Marcus wasn’t supposed to be a main character. I didn’t ponder too much before I named him. It might have taken me less than a minute’s consideration.

Six months later, I’m working on another story called With a Kiss. The main character is a comatose vampire. I name him Marcus.

Another six months roll by. I’m editing a story called All the Gear, No Idea, which takes place in the same universe all Call Me Sir, Boy. The secondary characters are still there. Only, when I’m editing it, I renamed one of the main characters several times, which led to me changing some of the secondary character’s names too. And, I decided that I don’t need to name one of them the same as my recent vampire.

I changed Marcus’s name. I completely forgot that Call Me Sir, Boy was out there in the big wide world. Suddenly Marcus was getting called Jasper—even worse, he was answering to it.


Quite understandably, more than a few readers were not happy when they noticed this mistake. Reviews were written. A great deal of sarcasm was involved. Nothing else that happened in the story mattered—it all seemed to be about Marcus.

Luckily for me the publisher very kindly agreed to reformat the story with the correct name, but it was too late.

I’d screwed up—everyone knew I’d screwed up. The damage was done. In my mind, I would forever be the writer who couldn’t even remember what her character was called. Needless to say I felt sick to my stomach. Readers weren’t the only ones questioning my abilities. Few professions do self-doubt like writers.

So, let’s put that behind us as quickly as possible, and roll on another year.

Riptide has given me the opportunity to start the series with a clean slate, under the snazzy new series title of Kinky Cupid. The first title in this series is called Once a Brat. It’s the story of Marcus and Bret—how they met and how they came to fall for each other.

The other books will move over to Riptide in due course. They’ll be re-polished, extended and have new covers.

But, for now, I’d like to introduce you to Marcus and Bret’s story.

I loved writing it and, if you’re willing to look past the “Jasper incident”, I hope you’ll enjoy reading it too.

Leave a comment and let me know if you think “Jasper” was unforgiveable. Or leave a comment about anything at all—if you do, you’ll be entered into a giveaway and have a chance to win three e-books. Keep reading to find out more about Once a Brat and the giveaway.


once a bratExperienced dominant Marcus Tremayne, has a stalker. On the plus side, the boy following him around his local leather club is gorgeous and a self-professed submissive. Unfortunately, he’s also inexperienced, bratty, and liable to drive Marcus insane within his incessant chatter and questions.

Bret Daniels fell head over heels with Marcus the moment he first saw him. He’s willing to do whatever it takes to get Marcus’s attention and prove his worth as a submissive. He might not be a traditional sub, but he knows he has a lot to offer a dom who can handle his quirks.

When Marcus gives in and agrees to do a scene with Bret, sparks fly. One scene quickly becomes another, and another. But will it be a case of once a brat, always a brat? Bret intends to prove to Marcus that—expectations and experiences aside—he deserves his master’s collar.

You can find out more about the story, read an excerpt or buy the book by clicking here.


Leave a comment on this post by Sunday 16th February and you’ll be entered into the hat for a chance win three of my backlist or coming soon titles. Two winners will be chosen at random, and each will receive three e-books of their choice. The only book you won’t be able to pick is Once a Brat.

Check out the complete tour listing to see all the places I’ll be visiting. If comment on each post, you can earn more entries into the giveaway.

About Kim Dare

Kim Dare is a twenty-nine year old, full time writer from Wales (UK). First published in 2008, she has since released close to eighty BDSM erotic romance titles. While most of Kim’s stories follow male/male relationships, she also writes about characters that enjoy male/female, female/male (female dominant), female/female and all kinds of ménage relationships. Kim’s titles have included contemporary stories, fairytale re-tellings, vampires, time travelers, werewolves and werelions—not to mention the occasional wereduck.

Regardless of the gender of her characters or the different genres they inhabit, from short stories to full-length novels, there are three things Kim always wants to give her characters—kink, love, and a happy ending.

You can find Kim on her website, contact here by e-mail, or check out her blog.


  1. Oh, ouch. We readers are harsh, especially if we liked a character, even a secondary one. How dare you make him so much of a throw-away as to change his name. :-) I have this propensity for J names. I have to be careful or every story I write will have someone whose name starts with a J. They just pop into my head. Maybe in another life my name started with J.

  2. I feel your pain. It was hard enough trying to think up names for my three sons without having to name someone else’s child :D

  3. I don’t think it was “unforgivable” but I have to say that it’s one of my biggest pet peeves. At least you realized your mistake, took the action to correct it, and accepted responsibility for it. That, more than anything else, makes it ok. And like Tam, I too, have a propensity for J names! ;)

  4. Well we do know that J names are awesome… ;-)

  5. I’m just glad to see you adding on to and revising the series, Kim. “Call Me Sir, Boy!” was a great little story, one of my favorites of yours, but I wasn’t aware there were more stories. Now I’ll start fresh with Riptide’s versions. :)

  6. Love the Call Me Sir universe! Can’t wait to read Once a Brat. Coincidentally, I’m re-reading (for the 5th or 6th time) the Rawlings series. As I commented to another BDSM-themed author recently, while I’m not into BDSM in real life, there’s something about reading it that definitely turns my crank. ;-) Looking forward to lots more from you.

  7. I haven’t read these books of yours yet (still working through all your titles), but I have to say it would throw me off at first reading it. THough if I read your explanation, all would be forgiven. I know my memory is terrible – I would never be able to keep up with all the names in that many books!!

  8. Although I’ve read a lot of your books, I haven’t read any in this set. I’m very much looking forward to meeting Marcus/Jasper. I enjoy your writing style and your characters too much to be put off by a name change, and I hope you find the inspiration to write many more wonderful stories for us readers to love. I read them over and over and over again, especially Pushing the Envelope!

  9. I’m all over this book. I bought the first two so I am excited to see how this couple got started. I was not so upset over the jasper issue. I felt like someone should have caught it, but it seemed an honest mistake and not something I dwelled on for too long. What I actually might be more upset about is having to buy these books again to read an extended version… But we will see when the time comes. I look forward to everything you put out. Glad you found your way to Riptide :)

  10. Naming things is the bane of every writer’s existence, but Jasper is the worst. Then again I now say that about every character name used in Twilight. Good luck with the new book. 

  11. Hi Tam – I seem to go through phases were all the names I think of start with the same letter. At the moment, I’m stuck on D names. Your name has gone into the hat :)

  12. Hi Hambel – That’s another reason why I’d have to feel sorry for any child I had. I’d keep changing the poor soul’s name. I even changed my dog’s name a few days after she came home (from Angel to Anwen). Your name has gone into the hat :)

  13. Hi Kris – I’m not sure what my pet peeve as a reader is, as a writer it’s probably different publishers different house styles and my inability to remember which rules go with which publisher, lol. Your name has gone into the hat :)

  14. JayHJay – J names are great because they often fit both dom and sub characters :) Your (very nice J starting) name has gone into the hat :)

  15. Hi Missy – All the books in this world have been really fun to write. I’m glad you liked Call Me Sir, Boy! Your name has gone into the hat :)

  16. Gerette – The Rawlings Men were great fun to work with! I’m glad you liked them so much. There are things I like reading about in books that I really wouldn’t want to experience in real life – historical stories come to mind – I wouldn’t do well in any time period before womens’ lib. Your name has gone into the hat :)

  17. Susan R – I’m glad the explanation made sense. It’s so hard to tell in advance if it will just put peoples backs up all the more! Your name has gone into the hat :)

  18. Hi Kristi – Thank you – I’m so glad you’re enjoying the stories. The backlist has become a bit long now! There are plenty more to come – possibly over 20 this year (not sure how that happened – I had intended to take it easier this year…) Your name has gone into the hat :)

  19. Hi Sabrina – I’m glad Jasper didn’t bug you too much. As far as the extended versions go, I’m hoping that it will be possible for anyone who doesn’t want to re-buy them to still follow everything that happens in the stories that come after those two in the series (if you see what I mean). Riptide has made me so welcome and they’ve been a joy to work with – especially Sarah my lovely editor. Your name has gone into the hat :)

  20. Hi Remeau – Lol – I haven’t read or seen Twilight, but names and pop culture has caught me out before. I wrote about a lion shifter called Aslan in Ryland’s Sacrifice. I didn’t know that there was a very similarly named lion in Narnia. I just knew Aslan is a Turkish name and means Lion, lol. Your name has gone into the hat :)

  21. I feel for you in respect of names. I have five children (four boys, one girl) and I am always getting their names mixed up. The eldest is 30 this year and often gets called by his sister’s name still! 

    Congrats on the new book, I look forward to reading it as soon as funds allow.

  22. Love, love, LOVE,  your books! Please count me in. Thanks!

  23. Azure Jones says:

    Choosing a book from your back list would be a breeze. Like a kid in a candy shop.

  24. “The Jasper Incident”… lol. I admit to finding this very humorous (in the kindest way possible!), but forgivable. It can happen, I suppose!

    • I think I might look back on it in the future and find it funny in a “I can’t believe how dumb I used to be” way. Not quite there yet thought, lol. I’ve put your name in the hat :)

  25. Hey mistakes happen and readers shouldn’t criticize.  Forgive and forget right.  Thanks for the opportunity to win from your backlist.

  26. Michelle (MiMi) says:

    With all those stories in your head at the same time I would be more surprised if you never made a mistake :)
    Don’t let the picky-pants get you down.

  27. Kim, I think it’s gutsy to put this out there, as I’m sure there are plenty like me who would never know about the mix-up. I hope with the Riptide reissue you (and everyone else) can let this be a funny thing that happened and let the slate be wiped clean. Names are a tricky business!

    Thanks for the opportunity to win some new books. Free or not, I’m looking forward to reading your stories.

    • Hi Carolyn. It seemed a bit like I was ignoring the elephant in the room if I didn’t mention it. A lot of people did notice, so I figured, I couldn’t make the situation any worse and it might clear the air. Fingers crossed that slate will be clean soon :) I’ve put your name in the hat :)

  28. I think it is forgivable to accidentally change a secondary character’s name. These things happen and slp buy. Not to long ago, I was reading a mainstream book by an Avon author. In this boo, during the last part of the story the hero was being called another name (the heroine’s brother’s name). Now that kind of threw me. I had to go back an re-read this part of the story to make sure I knew who was who. Luckily it wasn’t during a love scene, lol.  Can you imagine that? O.o  So, considering that no telling how many beta readers, publishers, editors, etc read that and did not catch it means that these thing just happen sometimes :)
    manning_J2004 at yahoo dot com

  29. To be honest, I missed the whole Jasper thing apparently. I had no idea it ever happened. And besides, people make mistakes. At least you went and fixed yours. You wouldn’t believe how many writers don’t care about the errors and fixing them. You’re only human, no one should be expecting you to be perfect. Anyways, I love the series and I can’t wait to read Once A Brat!


    • Hi Emily – I’m glad you’re enjoying the series :) It’s a mystery to me how mistakes suddenly become visible once it’s too late to change them. ARe were really kind in letting me alter it after publication – with a lot of publishers it’s not an option (I can understand why from their point of view, but it’s still a tough pill to swallow). I’ve put your name in the hat :)

  30. Hey, I’m just happy to know there’s more to the series! (And at least the name switcheroo didn’t happen *within* the book…I’ve seen that happen more than once!)


    • Hi Trix – Hopefully the series will go on for a little while. I think Bret is going to have great fun setting up all of his and Marcus’s friends :) I’ve put your name in the hat :)

  31. Another Kim Dare giveaway! Thanks for being so generous, Kim.
    Please count me in.


  32. Since With a Kiss is one of my favorite books, I’ll forgive you anything. Although Gasper, I mean Jasper is one of my least favorite names, don’t worry about it!

    • Thanks Urb – With a Kiss was so much fun to work on. I’m not sure I can pick a favourite Marcus between them, lol. There will be a Jasper in a book at some point – and that will be his actual name, lol. If I keep spelling it Gasper by mistake, I’ll know who to blame ;) I’ve put your name in the hat :)

  33. I think it would have annoyed me reading Jasper instead of Marcus in the story. I’m a stickler for those types of things. It’s forgiveable, but I wouldn’t forgot and it would probably make me more aware of any mistakes in future books


  34. Heck, I think it would be hard to remember so many characters. I don’t think it was such an atrocity as others made it seem. I have yet to read that series so I’m happy that I get to get the new one without being confused when i get to it (lol) but even if I had read it I would have just been…oh… I’ll put “jasper” as his middle name and go from there. LOL… I wouldn’t be a RUDE as some readers are… but I do see why you yourself would be mad at… you… and fine, some readers… but they don’t need to get nasty about it, which I KNOW they did… in any case, I don’t think it was unforgivable… It was a mistake. big deal. EVERY author has made one similar to this along the line. It’s bound to happen after so many books.
    That’s that. :p


    • Hi Judi, I’m glad you can see past the “Jasper Incident” :) I was slightly surprised how upset some readers were, but yeah, I was mad enough at myself that I could get where they were coming from. Thanks for your reassurence :) I’ve put your name in the hat :)

  35. Regencyfan93 says:

    I have enjoyed every Kim Dare story that I have read so far.

    As Trix wrote above, this didn’t happen within the book. Something I read recently had a character named Jack or Jim or similar, then for one sentence Craig. Kind of disturbing. I haven’t yet read Marcus/Jasper/Marcus.

    kdugarm at

    • Hi Regencyfan – I’m glad you enjoyed the other stories you’ve read. Hope you like Marcus if you do decide to visit with him – I’ve put your name in the hat :)

  36. Marcus, Jasper ….who cares? Your writing is wonderful no matter what you call them and it’s pretty easy to know they’re the same. Picky readers. Just keep writing and add me to the contest, please.


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