Favorite Books: Vampire and Shifter Pairings

jayfavoriteHi guys! I am super excited today to kick off a new feature on the blog! In order to help folks find books they want to read, we are going to periodically develop lists of favorite books in a variety of specific genres or tropes.  (For more information, check out my post yesterday where I explained all of this in more detail.)

So I have been mulling this idea over for a while, but finally started to jump start it when I was reading Until Forever Comes by Cardeno C, a story that features a vampire and shifter pairing, and realized how much I like this trope, and how much I hear other people say they like it. There is something about this combination of creatures, both of whom thrive in the night.  They are so often portrayed as enemies, as beings of such different natures, that combining them romantically often leads to fabulous results.  So I thought that might be a fun topic to kick off our Favorite Books feature.

So here are the ones we have come up with so far:

[Last Updated: 8/24/15]

So do you all have any favorites in this genre?  I know there must be lots more!  If so, leave them in the comments and I will add them to our list!  You can also see a list of all our books tagged as vampire/shifter pairings.

P.S. Goodreads also has a list of m/m vampire/shifter books if you want to check it out


  1. I am a big fan of Poppy Dennison’s series, but I think my favourite m/m vampire/shifter series has to be Lisa Kasey’s Dominion Series, though Sei isn’t just a shifter in the traditonal sense and of course he’s a witch as well.

  2. I do like the combination but I haven’t read that many. Loved Blacque/Bleu.

    Okay, going through my Goodreads list: Play Dead by Julia Talbot (m/m/m); Lessons for Lewis (Larson Legacy #2) by Amber Kell; Inflaming Inno (Moon Pack #9) by Amber Kell; Casey’s Love Bite (Wolves of Stone Ridge #9) by Charlie Richards; Crying for the Moon by Sarah Madison; Staking his Life by Kiernan Kelly; Blue Murder by Emily Veinglory; Belling the Cat (Bloodrose #4) by Julia Talbot – interesting in that it’s a cat shifter; The Soul Mates books by Jourdan Lane.

    That should keep you going. LOL I’ll have to check out some of those others.

  3. Darlene Griffith says:

    “Breaking the Playboy’s Curse” by Charlie Richards. Draven and Vail. The others listed are amazing but I had to add that one to the list. I like the pairings of shifter/vampire in writings. The passion they don’t have to worry about reigning in make for great stories. I see a few on here I need to check out, but it made me smile to know I have almost everyone on the list. lol

    • So you are a fan of this trope, huh?  

      Thanks for the addition! I will definitely check it out.  And I agree, I think when you have supernatural beings you can sort of go all crazy without worrying. Especially two creatures that are so different. Makes for lots of fun!

      • Darlene Griffith says:

        I do love the troupe!

        I have discovered that spending time on your blog seriously hurts my pocket book. lol. The books I have found here! I have to limit my exposure to you!!!!

        • LOL! NO! Come play with us! I always tell Crissy I am like her book crack dealer. Come here little girl, I have something for you…

  4. Guess this is a combo that I haven’t read (much). I can’t think of any without looking it up.
    Tam mentioned Soul mates, that is a very good one. I liked it a lot. Isn’t it unfinished?

    • I think the author fell ill Ingrid. There was definitely room for more I believe. Not sure if she’s better and plans on continuing. It’s very different, but a great read. 

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