Favorite Books: Cross Dressing Heroes

Hi guys!  Today we are sharing another Favorite Books List, this time focused on cross dressing heroes.  I happen to love this trope and have a thing for guys who are a bit gender bending in their styles, dress, and personalities. And I find a good lingerie kink can be super hot.  Not to mention that it makes for some nice diversity in romance novels, rather than every guy needing to be a stereotypical alpha male.

So today we are sharing some of our favorite books with this theme.  We went sort of broad here, so this list includes everything from cross dressers, to lingerie fetishes, to drag queens. Anyone who is willing to blur the gender lines just a bit.  So here are some of our favorites:

[Last Updated: 7/18/15]

* These books feature secondary characters who are drag queens but they are prominent parts of the story so we included them here

 If you are interested in seeing all the books we have reviewed with this theme, check out our stories featuring cross dressers and drag queens.  Goodreads also has a list of “Best Gay Romance with Cross Dressing Heroes” that you can check out (though I found some books listed that didn’t actually fit the theme).

So what about you guys? Any fellow fans of cross dressing heroes out there? Any other favorite books to suggest?


  1. I do LOVE the Queen in Fettered. She was a TREAT.  But thus far, my favorite has been Sebastian from The Actor and the Earl/Duty to the Queen. I just loved him. 😀 

  2. I really enjoyed Appearing Nightly by Cat Grant.

  3. Tara Lain’s HEARTS AND FLOUR is a great one–Quentin is one of the most lovable guys in her pantheon!

    • Crissy M says:

      Oh! I’ve got this book but I haven’t had time to read it yet…I’m gonna have to get to it soon.. 🙂

    • Lain also writes the Genetic Attraction series, with a character inspired Andrej Pejic. And it won’t be out until this fall, but I’m looking forward to Wallflower by Heidi Belleau.

      • Oh, yeah, Genetic Attraction is my favorite series of hers–didn’t know if it counted because it’s m/m/f (though there are m/m scenes in each one). GENETIC CELEBRITY has a scene where the male character Shay does a runway show in a wedding dress…

  4. Lynn Schmitz says:

    I liked Taking You Home by Cooper Davis — it’s a sequel to Boys of Summer — both excellent and Taking You Home has cross dressing. Both highly recommended.

  5. Lola Dances by Victor J. Banis is an AMAZING story.

    I also really liked the Max & Skyler series by Acer Adamson

  6. Thanks guys for all the suggestions! I will definitely check these out

  7. SILVIO – That is all 🙂

    Great list!

  8. I confess I’m not really a fan. The only series I liked (which was not someone who is a drag queen but a full-time cross dresser) is the Max and Skylar series by Acer Adamson. http://www.goodreads.com/series/55275-max-skyler There is Bravo Brava which is a series of shorts but I didn’t really connect with it much. Just not my thing I guess.

  9. Omg Brandon! I love him. Literally nothing about him that isn’t hot as fuck.

  10. batchelorboy55 says:

    I have to admit that I really am enjoying the Hop-Ciki-Yaya mysteries by Mehmet Murat Somer. As I am collecting them in print, it is so frustrating that they are slow in being translated (from Turkish) before being released in print.
    and a quiet vote for The Infinite Darlene from David Levithan’s Boy meets Boy. Not a hero as such but how can you not speak up for a character who is both star quarterback and Homecoming Queen!

  11. Eeeeeeeee! I was very excited to see my name on the list. I would add one more of book (actually my own) The Dark Angels: Finally Fallen… Justin actually uses cross-dressing or androgynous dressing to deal with stress. At the end, he gives himself permission to cross-dress to do something he’s always been terrified to do…
    On the surface, it would seem I have a fetish for guys in skirts or wearing makeup but really it’s about the sexy that comes from being EXACTLY who you are and being who you want to be…
    Wishing everyone to have the confidence to be who they are…
    Hugs, Z.

  12. I’m definitely a fan of this trope! I’m having two books coming out by Storm Moon Press, The Man On Top of the World (a glitter rock/rock star theme bisexual male novella, to be released in late August), and All That Glitters (a glitter rock/rock star theme novel that’s basically a bildungsroman/autobiography of glam rock star Izzy Rich from The Man On Top of the World). Crossdressing is definitely a huge theme in my books in that it’s one of the things that links Izzy Rich and his glam rock drummer boy Jonathan Maxwell together and starts their whirlwind relationship. I hope you’ll check it out when those books are released 🙂

    • Please for the love of Buddha tag me when these books are released… rockers and cross dressing??? Are you kidding me??? Tag me, PM me, smoke signals, rock through my window… just please make sure I know it’s out. Hugs, Z.

      • @ Z. Allora- I have a blog where I announce all my book releases, work in progress, etc.

        As of now, The Man on Top of the World’s release date is on August 30th and All That Glitters will be out on October 11th. 🙂 Those dates are subject to change but as of now those are the release dates, so excited and so glad to see that you share my excitement!

  13. DC Juris says:

    Most of my “cross-dressing” characters are actually transgender, so they don’t technically qualify as true “cross-dressers,” though I do have a WIP tentatively titled Lola about a cross-dressing man who runs a bakery. That said, the Max and Skylar stories by Acer Adamson. http://www.amazon.com/Only-Words-Max-Skyler-ebook/dp/B001QXBYZ0 are awesome.

  14. DC Juris says:

    And Johnny Miles has one – I actually had the honor of beta reading it – called The Rosas of Spanish Harlem. It’s really very good. Gritty, but good. http://www.amazon.com/The-Rosas-Spanish-Harlem-ebook/dp/B0073V04I2

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