Review: Frankie’s Vamp by Toni Griffin

Frankie's VampRating: 4.5 stars
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Length: Novella

With five centuries under his belt, Master vampire Merrick Winters is tired of his “suck them and leave them” existence.  All Merrick wants is for someone to stick around, someone who makes his blood boil, someone he has yet to meet after all these years.

Recently split up from his abusive boyfriend, Frankie Reynolds decides to get out and dance away his bad week.  Things are looking good until Peter, the ex, joins Frankie on the dance floor and refuses to take “no” for an answer.  Unfortunately for Peter, Merrick is feeling quite possessive of Frankie, deals with Peter like the trash he is, and convinces Frankie to join him at his table.  Merrick makes his intentions crystal clear, but having been burned too many times, Frankie beats a hasty retreat.

But Merrick has a plan. He has finally found his destined mate, but Frankie is afraid, afraid of being cast aside for another, or of being caught in another abusive relationship, but this time for eternity.  Frankie wants to resist, he knows it is for the best, but can he?  Will he?  Merrick hopes not, for both their sakes.

Griffin created a unique vampire mythology, incorporating the traditional concepts along with some modern ideas and one particular difference that I have never encountered in any of the numerous vampire stories I have read.

Both Frankie and Merrick were sufficiently well developed to keep my interest and one of the best characters in Frankie’s Vamp was in fact Merrick’s second-in-command, Bryce.  Since Merrick is the big bad master vampire, I can’t help but like any secondary character who can bring out Merrick’s fun, softer side.

In addition to good world building, where we are made to feel familiar with Merrick’s club, his home and even, for the brief time we are there, Frankie’s office, there are several threads of conflict, both major and minor which leave us wondering what is next.

I am a fan of Griffin’s writing and although I am not really into vampire novels anymore, I could not resist picking this story for review and I am glad that I did.  I heartily recommend Frankie’s Vamp.

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  1. Loved this book! Can’t wait for Bryce’s Cop to be released and the other books in the series that are WIP. I seem to either love or hate vampire novels…this one I loved. I liked how there was a “wooing” stage as it made it a little more believable (as far as believable can be with vampires) versus when some other vampire stories I have read would just bite the mate at the beginning and then deal with the issues after the fact. I am also a huge fan of Toni…..I think I am currently reading almost all her shifter/paranormal series and anxiously await the next books, as well as her new series (I always look forward to anything with leather in the series name – LOL)

  2. Just read Bryce’s Cop and would recommend it for everyone that loved the first book. Looking forward to both Sven’s and Hayden’s stories.

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