Review: Fast Connection by Megan Erickson and Santino Hassell

Fast ConnectionRating: 4.75 stars
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After eight years in the Army, Dominic Costigan is back on Staten Island. Only he’s realizing that he’s not qualified to do anything, at least nothing that he wants to do. He is back living in his parents’ basement and working in the family bagel shop and he’s not exactly living the dream. Dominic’s relationship with his father is volatile, he’s concerned about his teenage sister, and he’s trying to figure out Grindr. Dominic never lacked for female companionship, but now he wants to explore dating men.

Luke Rawlings has a routine. He owns a landscaping business, his kids live with him during the week, and when Friday night rolls around he opens Grindr to find a local to top for the night. What he finds this week is Dominic who looks just like Captain America. Luke’s life exists in separate boxes and they never, ever meet, except the chemistry with Dominic is insane and Luke soon finds himself bending all of his rules for Dominic. But their lives aren’t as separate as they think and they have an unexpected connection that could complicate everything. While Luke and Dominic thought they could fit together, they have to find a way to make everything else fit around them.

Fast Connection is the follow-up to Strong Signal where we were first introduced to Dominic Costigan. Dominic came off as a bit overconfident and arrogant, but by the end of the book he was trying to make amends to Garrett. Here we see a completely different side of Dominic; the side that is not so confident and has no idea what to do with the rest of his life. He’s a product of his environment but he’s questioning the error of his ways and trying to step it up.

He’s also trying to figure out Grindr and how to go about actually hooking up with and dating a man. For all of Dominic’s bravado, he is hilarious. He’s so new to the scene that when Luke asks him what he’s into he starts listing his hobbies and then searches online for what to wear on a Grinder hookup. Luke doesn’t make small talk, he got burned once, and he has no intention of repeating that fiasco. He just wants to hook up with no discussion, but he finds himself inexplicably charmed by Dominic and sees similarities to his younger self in Dominic. You have to respect Luke in that he tells it like it is, but he could also use someone like Dominic to soften him up around the edges. Dominic is so starved for affection and he just wants more, but Luke is more interested in shoving him out the door than cuddling.

Dominic is all in where Luke is concerned. He begins texting Luke throughout the day and those brief chats give him a purpose and something to look forward to. Despite himself, Luke begins to look forward to hearing from Dominic and an unexpected sense of possessiveness comes over him as these guys fit together in ways they never expected to or thought they needed. Dominic and Luke’s families then collide in a big way and Luke doesn’t handle it so well and Dominic will only take so much until he finally pushes back.

The ending came together a little too easily for me as far as all of the family issues and it was the only area that lost some focus for me. This book could work as a standalone, but there is seriously no need to stop with just one if you haven’t gotten to this series yet. There are well placed cameos of Garret and Kai here as well as more subtle shout outs if you’re paying attention.

These guys wreck each other in the best ways possible and for all of their grumpiness their banter is highly entertaining. From a Grindr hookup, to true love, and all of the hot and messy steps in between, this is how it’s done.

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  1. I’ve gotta catch up with this series. Sounds fantastic.

  2. I enjoyed reading Strong Signal and am looking forward to reading Fast Connection. Thanks for the review, Michelle.

  3. Team Megtino did it again in delivering a book with lots of feelings and hot times. I am the MOST SURPRISED by the fact that Costigan has become my fave character in the Cyberlove series. Especially considering that he was such a jerk in the first book!

    Overall, I do have a couple of niggles about some of the secondary characters (namely Duffy and John), but I loved this book to bits. :)

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