September Favorite Covers

Hi everyone! I am here to wrap up the month with our favorite covers. This was a particularly good month for covers I think. Lots of beauties by some talented designers. Hope you enjoy! And if you have any of your own favorites, I’d love to hear them!


Dog Days

Cover art by Anne Cain


Cover art by L.C. Chase

Connection Error

Cover art by Carina Press


Cover art by Reese Dante

Rented Heart

Cover art by G.D. Leigh

Mad Lizard Mambo (Kai Gracen #2) by Rhys Ford

Cover art by Anne Cain

The Red Thread

Cover art by Brooke Albrecht


Cover art by Garrett Leigh


Cover art by Intermix

Into the Blue

Cover art by Interlude Press


Cover art by Lou Harper

Pictures of You Cover

Cover art by Dar Albert

Where We Left Off

Cover art by AngstyG

not your sidekick

Cover art by Interlude Press


  1. I think Dog Days is best… but I might be a wee bit biased! 

  2. Thanks for the shout-out for Into the Blue and Not Your Sidekick! They’re both the work of our talented art director, CB Messer!

  3. Awesome covers, I definitely want to check these out.

  4. Annette P. says:

    Mad Lizard Mambo is my favorite!

    Though I also found the perspective and look of Not Your Sidekick! is well done.

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