Update: Cheesecake Boys Coloring Contest!

I am having so much for with our Cheesecake Boys Coloring Contest that I thought it would be fun to share some of the awesome coloring pages people have made!

ICYMI, we are having a coloring contest where you can color the Joyfully Jay Cheesecake Boy for a chance to win a signed print from Paul Richmond. Full details about how to enter and how to color in the picture are here at the original giveaway post, so stop by there if you want more information. But here are some awesome coloring pages done by folks here and some fabulous readers who have entered. Don’t forget, the winner will be drawn randomly, not based on skill, so there is no excuse for not entering!

Here are mine. I am having us much fun I couldn’t resist making a second and I am already planning my third…

My ginger cheesecake

My ginger cheesecake…

... and his sexy friend

… and his sexy friend

And here are some from Michelle and Kris…

Michelle's cheesecake boy

Michelle’s cheesecake boy

And one from Kris

And one from Kris

Clearly these boys all shop at the same store!

And here are a few from folks who have already entered…

cheesecake 3

Oor Janie

Heather C

Heather C

Cliff Dix

Cliff Dix

Tiffany Sheets

Tiffany Sheets

Thank you to everyone who entered so far. I am LOVING seeing all the different variations! And the underwear! Paul and I said we need to start selling them!

Thanks again for entering. The contest is open another week so there is still lots of time to get to work!

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  1. Nihcki S says:

    I like the addition of tattoos. Clever!

  2. Pretty and I didn’t even think about body art =)

  3. Tiffany Sheets says:

    Thank you I loved these :)

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