Favorite Opposite Attract Books

small favorite booksIn honor of Opposites Attract Week, we have another installment of one of my favorite features, our Favorite Books Lists!

This is a list of all our top-rated books that are tagged “opposites attract.” You can see all our reviews for opposites attract themed books here.

Since this theme is super broad, you can also check out some of our related themes. So here are all our reviews tagged age difference, wealthy hero, geeky hero, and royalty, as these are often stories that also feature an opposites attract element.

So here are some of our favorite opposites attract stories:


If you have your own favorites, we’d love to hear about them!


  1. If I Must by Amy Lane.

  2. James Escol says:

    Love is Heartless by Kikm Fielding. Loved that book so much. <3

  3. Wait, no “Strawberry for Dessert” by Marie Sexton?!?

    • Omg yes! One of my all time favorites! I started the blog after I read it so we only did a series spotlight and I must not have tagged it. But YES for sure this book!

  4. Zero at the Bone by Jane Seville? I love that one

    • Another fabulous suggestion. Not sure why I didn’t have that tagged Opposites Attract but I’ll fix that. And yes definitely a favorite.

  5. Love the list. One of my favorite Opposite Attrackt’s book is First by KC Wells, a Porn Star and a Virgin !! Can’t get more opposite than that LOL

  6. The Embers Series by Edie Danford.  

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