April Favorite Books

small favorite booksHi gang! We are here today to share our favorite books from April. Be sure to check out any you may have missed!

Jay’s Favorite Books

Michelle’s Favorite Books

Sammy’s Favorite Books

Sue’s Favorite Books

Kris’ Favorite Books

Veronica’s Favorite Books

Camille’s Favorite Books

Kirsty’s Favorite Books

Kenna’s Favorite Books

Elizabeth’s Favorite Books


  1. I’m going to have to go with Veronica, here. I adored Lascarso’s The Bravest Thing. I hope she gets busy and writes more!

  2. Kareni says:

    I so enjoyed Parker’s Sanctuary by Cooper West which I bought after reading the buddy review here that I also bought The Protector. I liked that one, too, though not quite as much as Parker’s Sanctuary. I look forward to reading more as the series continues on.

  3. Thank you so much! Joel did an amazing job with the narration.

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