Coming Soon: Reading Challenge Month 2017!!

challenge month 2017 copyHi everyone! Today I am SOOOO excited to announce that this September will once again be our Annual Reading Challenge Month! Like the past two years, we have four weeks of fabulous festivities with some great books and amazing prizes. Like seriously you guys. Prizes like whoa.

Ok, so here is the deal to refresh everyone on how it works. All month long we will be holding fun weekly reading challenges to give us a chance to try some new books that we may not normally pick up. Each week there will be a different challenge and our reviewing gang will be trying out books that fit that challenge themes. [Updated: Check out what we are reading here]

And here its the best part… you all get to join in the fun! Each week is sponsored by a fabulous publisher or self published authors and they have brought the prizes! There are two ways you can participate. Anyone who comments on any of our challenge reviews will be entered to win that week’s prize. Plus, if you participate by reading along with your own challenge book any of the weeks and write a mini review, you get mega BONUS entries. That means lots of chances to win and a great opportunity to find some new books, authors, and genres to love! In addition to chances to win each week, we will have an amazing grand prize awarded at the end of the month! Everyone who earns entries during any of the weekly challenges will be also entered to win the amazing grand prize!

Here is the line up for challenge month based on our reader poll:

  • Week 1: TBR Pile Challenge – Read a book that has been sitting in your TBR pile for at least a year
  • Week 2: New-To-Me Author Week – Try an author you have never read before!
  • Week 3: Self Published Book Week – Pick up any self published book
  • Week 4: Judge a Book By Its Cover Week – Choose a book based on how much you like the cover

This year once again we have some fabulous sponsors who help make this all possible. Please give a big thank you to Riptide Publishing, NineStar Press, and Interlude Press for each sponsoring a week, and Dreamspinner Press for providing our grand prize. And OMG you guys, I have like a zillion books donated by some incredible self published authors for Self Published Book Week. I was blown away by the number of donations and you guys are going to go crazy when you see the prizes. [Updated: Check out our Prize Preview Post here!]

So what do you now? Well, first off, next week I will have more details on the prizes just to get you extra excited. And then the week after that, I will have a list of what we are planning to read during the month. So if you want to read along with our choices you can, or you can start choosing some of your own books that fit the challenge themes. And remember, every time you participate by commenting or reading along, you get entries for prizes sponsored by our amazingly generous publishers and authors! So this should be a fabulous event!

P.S. If you want to check out details from last year or the year before, you can see all the challenge posts here and here, including our reviews, as well as our prizes and other kickoff posts.

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  1. I loved this challenge month last year!! I kind of wish you have that “read a genre/trope” you rarely read again this year because last year I ended up reading a couple of good F/F romance. Oh well, this year’s challenge looks easier :). Definitely count me in again

  2. Looks like I’ll have to start commenting more. Usually I just read the posts and don’t “say” anything. Sounds like another fun month of weekly challenges, giving someone like me time to keep up. ?

  3. I’m ready. Let’s read.

  4. I’m going to start preparing my list tomorrow!  Then I’ll have the best of the best read to roll!

  5. I’m sorry to say I have a huge TBR pile. Looking forward to seeing what is in everyone else’s pile.

  6. I didn’t do this last year because I was so swamped with RL and other stuff that I didn’t think I’d be able to finish anything. But this year I’m doing it (if for no other reason than to get that ONE book off my TBR list!)

  7. I love the TBR Pile Challenge. I’ve got books that have been on my Kindle for YEARS. :-)

  8. I’m hoping to participate again this year. Thanks for putting together this event, Jay. And a big thank you to all who offer prizes!

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