Reading Challenge Month: TBR Pile Week!

challenge month 2017 copyHi everyone! Today we are officially kicking off our third annual Reading Challenge Month! If you want more details on the event itself, including specifics on how to enter to win some amazing prizes, check out the kick off post that ran earlier today.

Starting tomorrow we move on to our first challenge, TBR Pile Week! This week we will be reading books that have been in our TBR piles for at least a year. If you are anything like me, you have books that have been languishing far longer than that, so hopefully this week will encourage to pick something up that grabbed your eye long ago but never quite made it to the top of your list.

This week is sponsored by NineStar Press. They are giving away an amazing prize and four lucky winners will get a $25 NineStar Press gift card!

And remember all entries throughout the month qualify you for the grand prize sponsored by Dreamspinner Press. They are giving away a Kindle Fire loaded with some great releases!

Here is what we are reviewing this week for the challenge:


  • Timing by Mary Calmes


  • Withered + Sere by T.J. Klune
  • Straight by Seth King


  • The Weight of It All by N.R. Walker
  • The Invasion of Tork/The Invasion of Adam by Claire Davis and Al Stewart


  • Jury of One by Charlie Cochrane
  • Guys on Top by Darien Cox


  • Priddy’s Tale by Harper Fox

Be sure to check out these reviews and to leave comments on the post for entries. Plus read along with us with a mini review and earn even more entries!


  1. I’m reading The Invasion of Tork as my TBR pile book, so I’ll be particularly interested to read that review.

  2. Haven’t go the chance to browse my TBR because I haven’t checked Internet for several days due to long weekend and all. But I’ll be participating and post my mini-review by Friday.

  3. I’ve got about 8 books over a year on my tbr so I shall definitely read Damaged by Noah Willoughby and Rhythm and Blues by Connor Shae then see how I get on.
    Have read Priddy’s Tale, Jury of One and The Weight if it All so will be interested to see if views mesh!!

  4. The first book I put on my m/m TBR list was Change of Heart by Mary Calmes in May 2013.  I finally have a copy and I’ll give it a shot this week.

  5. I’m going to look at my ereader, i have plenty books there, so it is going to be easy and hard at the same time easy because i have plenty books on it and hard because what to choose LOL

  6. Oh God! I’ve got so many books I hardly know where to begin. Must choose one so I can participate

    • Carol, we are wrapping up TBR Pile week tomorrow. But we kick off a new challenge tomorrow (New to Me author Week) so that is a good place to jump in.

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