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Note: Sightlines picks up at the end of book two in this series, Oversight, and as a result, this review will have spoilers for the end of that second story.

After breaking free of a life of torture and abuse at the hands of the Community, Chase Payne now finds himself back in their grasp, held captive on the Farm. Though Chase tries to be strong, the physical and psychological torture leaves him tormented, especially now that he knows his father is well aware of what he is enduring and is allowing it to happen. But things are different this time around, as Chase is not alone. This time Elijah is being held as well, and Chase refuses to let anything happen to the man he loves. He just is not entirely sure that Elijah returns his feelings.

Chase is determined to get the pair of them away from the Farm, but to do that he has to regain his father’s trust. That is not easy to do amidst the torture and sedation and drugs that control his psychic gifts. Plus, now that they know Elijah is important to him, they want to use his lover against him. Chase and Elijah must convince everyone that Chase is on board with his father’s plan, and that Elijah is a harmless sex kitten. If that happens, they may have a chance to escape.

But even if Chase and Elijah can make it out alive, the Farm and the Community are still thriving. With psychics being kidnapped and used by those in power, Chase and Elijah refuse to sit idly by. With the help of Chase’s brothers, Holden and Nate, along with their partners and friends, they will fight with all they have to stop the abuses and take down the Farm once and for all.

Sightlines is the final book in Santino Hassell’s The Community trilogy and I have really enjoyed this series. This third book does a great job of not only tying up all the threads from the series, but also further developing the relationship between Chase and Elijah that has been part of the series since the start.

Chase has always been a hard character to know, though he has been an important thread in the story all along. Here we get his POV, which gives us a chance to get more insight into what has shaped him and his feelings about Elijah. Chase suffered so much abuse and mistreatment, growing up as an outsider and tormented by those that wanted his powers. He has built up these walls, but there is a vulnerability to him that is impossible to miss. Chase clearly loves Elijah, but he tries to hold back, as he is not sure of Elijah’s feelings. Even when Elijah makes clear how much he cares about Chase, Chase always doubts and it takes him a while to really believe in their love. It can be frustrating at times as a reader, but ultimately really rewarding as things finally come together for the men.

I did feel like it was a bit hard to get a handle on them, however. We have known Chase and Elijah have a connection since the first book, but it has been difficult to really understand their relationship before now. Although they appeared in the previous stories, they were never the main characters and we weren’t in their heads. So it was hard to know what was really going on or how they felt, especially given how complex, and at times dysfunctional, their relationship appeared. So when we jump in here, I had trouble kind of catching up and really understanding the nature of their connection. It is particularly hard as Chase spends a lot of time holding Elijah at a distance and trying to keep the walls up, and sometimes being not very nice to him. So I would have like more time to see the real connection between them and the warmth that we are told they feel for one another.

From the suspense end, I think this story nicely wraps up the larger series arc. Hassell does a good job showing the complexity of the situation. So much of the Community is problematic, but there are aspects that do real good. There are those who are extremes on both sides, and finding middle ground is difficult. So we get an exciting climax, but also a well thought out resolution to the big picture. I do think the pacing was a little slow at the start. There is a lot of talking and explaining without much action. After the way the second book ended, I was eager to get to the action and it takes a while to get going. I’ll also note that there are some intense scenes here of the physic torture these men and others go through, so be aware if you are sensitive to that.

While I did wish for more of a sense of the connection between Chase and Elijah, I do think this was a really nice ending to an excellent series. Hassell pulls things all together, and even after the action ends, we get a great peek into the lives of all these characters and where things go from here. So I definitely enjoyed this series and would certainly recommend it, especially for fans of paranormal suspense.

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  1. I read the first book in this series and am ready to read on. Thanks for your review, Jay.

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