Favorite Book Lists: Time Travel

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Welcome to Time Travel Week! This week we are celebrating books that take place in a lot of time periods.  So as usual, we are sharing some of our favorites here with you.  The books below are our top rated stories in each of the genres.  You can also see all the books we have […]

Favorite Book Lists: Master/Slave Stories

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Hello everyone! Today I am here with another installment of our recurring feature, Favorite Book Lists! And today’s list is of our Favorite Master/Slave stories! As often happens with these things, this list was inspired by some recent master/slave stories I have read that I just adored. In this case, the Free Men series by […]

Favorite Book Lists: Holiday Stories

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As we sit here in the thick of the winter holidays, I thought it might be fun to repost our Favorite Books: Holiday Edition!  I have updated it with new books since the last time I posted so hopefully you can find some new favorites! Below are the most highly rated books at Joyfully Jay […]

Favorite Books: Bad Boys

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Hi guys! Today we are sharing out latest installment in our Favorite Books feature. This time we are celebrating the bad boys! As with most of these lists, I was inspired after reading several books featuring bad boys and I realized how much I like this trope.  Taming the bad boy has been a popular theme […]

Favorite Book Lists: Amnesia Stories

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One of my favorite recurring features we do here at Joyfully Jay are our Favorite Book Lists.  These are lists of books we love on various topics, such as Favorite Enemies to Lovers stories and Favorite Nontraditional Shifters.   It is so much fun to not only share our favorites, but to help others find books […]

Favorite Book Lists: Nontraditional Shifters

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One of the recurring features we have here at Joyfully Jay is our Favorite Book lists.  Periodically we post a list of some of our favorite books in a given theme or trope. Our list today is for our Favorite Nontraditional Shifter stories.  I love a good wolf shifter as much as anyone, but I […]

Favorite Book Lists: Men in Uniform

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As part of our big Men in Uniform Week celebration, I thought we would do another list of our favorite books, this time featuring uniformed hotties.  This list includes all kinds of guys in uniform that we love.  If you want to check out more, you can see a full list of all books featuring […]

Favorite Book Lists: Enemies to Lovers

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Today we have another installment in our recurring Favorite Books feature… Enemies to Lovers! Enemies to lovers is one of my favorite romance tropes. I love it because it takes the typical friends to lovers and amps it up.  These guys not only have the hurdle of turning a friendship to romance, they need to […]