Favorite Pirate Books

Hi there! Today I am excited to back with another installment of Favorite Book Lists! Today we are featuring favorite pirate stories. I love pirate stories for their old school fun and the way they can manage to take a seemingly bad guy and turn him into a romantic hero. Here is a list of […]

Favorite Book Lists: Holiday Stories

As we sit here in the thick of the winter holidays, I am once again reposting our Favorite Books: Holiday Edition! I have updated it with new books since last year’s posting, so hopefully you can find some new favorites! And keep your eyes open over the next few weeks because we will have lots more […]

Favorite Book Lists: Roommate Stories

Hi gang! Today I am back with another edition of our Favorite Book Lists! This installment is our Favorite Roommate Stories! Ok, so full disclosure here. I realized after I made the new list that we actually already had published a list of roommate stories in January and I had totally forgotten. So since I […]

Favorite Book Lists: Boss/Employee Stories

Hi gang! Today I am back with another installment of one of my favorite features, our Favorite Book Lists! This is where we pick a theme or trope and share our favorite books that fit. The lists are usually inspired by things I am currently reading and I realized how much I enjoy a good […]

Favorite Books: Age Gap Stories

It has been a while since we have had a new installment in our Favorite Book Lists series, so I thought today we would talk about favorite age gap stories. I absolutely LOVE this trope and it alone is often enough to get me to pick up a book. I think to a degree it […]

Favorite Opposite Attract Books

In honor of Opposites Attract Week, we have another installment of one of my favorite features, our Favorite Books Lists! This is a list of all our top-rated books that are tagged “opposites attract.” You can see all our reviews for opposites attract themed books here. Since this theme is super broad, you can also check out […]

Favorite Books List: Trans Stories

November is Transgender Awareness Month so I thought it would be a great time for another Favorite Books List, this time focusing on trans stories we have really liked. These are our favorite stand alone stories, but we also have some trans stories we liked as part of anthologies. So to check those out, as […]

Favorite Book Lists: Superheroes

Today I am back with another of our regular features here at Joyfully Jay, our Favorite Book Lists! Today I am talking about superheroes. As with most of these lists, I was inspired by books I have reviewed here. After recently reading some great superhero stories, I thought about how much I enjoy this trope. […]