Feature of the Week: Q&A

Hey folks, I am back with this week’s Feature of the Week post. This is a new feature we are running every Sunday afternoon where I share information about something nifty on the blog (and see how hip I am that I use the word “nifty”?) Today’s featured feature is the Q&A page. What Is […]

Feature of the Week: Site Map

Hello everyone! I am back with our new Feature of the Week post, a new feature I’m going to be running on Sunday afternoons to help people get to know some of the stuff we offer on the blog. Last week we talked about the Reviews by… section of the blog.  Today we are going […]

Feature of the Week: Reviews by…

Hello everyone! Welcome to a new addition to Joyfully Jay, our Feature of the Week post! I have realized that there is a lot of information on the blog and a lot of cool features that not everyone can find (or even knows they are there).  So I decided that on Sunday afternoons I am going to […]