Throwback Thursday/Series Spotlight: Partnership in Blood Series by Ariel Tachna

Rating: 4.75 stars Length: Novels In a world where magic helps to keep everything in balance, a war between two factions of wizards has wreaked havoc throughout France. The good guys are losing, and they need something to tip the scales in their favor. So they turn to the vampires, knowing that these unlikely allies […]

Throwback Thursday/Series Spotlight: Lost Boys and Love Letters Series by Bethany Brown and Ashlyn Kane

Rating: 4 stars Length: Novels So, for Throwback Thursdays, I chose the Lost Boys and Love Letters series by Bethany Brown and Ashlyn Kane. This will be the third time I have read these four books and never fail to enjoy them. The first two books, True North and Picture Perfect can be read on […]

Series Spotlight: Matter of Time Series by Mary Calmes

Jory & Sam. To Mary Calmes fans, those two names hold a world of meaning and years of love, heartache, and mishaps. In the beginning, their story is one of the right person at the wrong time, but eventually it turns into a story of lasting love, trust, and dedication. The internal and external struggles […]

Series Spotlight: Jewel Bonds Series by Megan Derr

Rating: 4.75 stars Length: Short Stories In the Jewel Bonds series, Megan Derr creates a rich world of wizardry and combatants. In this fantasy world, we have the Territories full of wild creatures and dragons, a lawless land that is constantly infringing on the civilized cities and towns. To deliver the full measure of protection […]

Series Spotlight: Synchronous Seductions Trilogy by Havan Fellows

Rating: 4.25 stars Length: Short Stories Synchronous Seductions is a trilogy of stories about three men, their group of friends, and co workers. In the first story, Harlan’s Ryde, one man wants desperately to regain the lover he cast away years ago. In the second, Emery’s Ritches, a man finds his love staring back from […]

Series Spotlight: Tales From Foster High Series by John Goode

Every once in a while a novel comes along that somehow changes you—burrows in and makes a home inside you—touches you in a way that leaves you profoundly changed.  When this happens, I find that I unconsciously begin to use this gem as a marker—a standard by which all other books must either measure up […]

Series Spotlight: The Bellingham Mystery Series by Nicole Kimberling

I first became acquainted with the small township of Bellingham, Washington and it’s excentric collection of inhabitants in 2009.  That’s when Primal Red was first published and Nicole Kimberling introduced us to Peter Fontaine, intrepid reporter for The Bellingham Hamster, reclusive painter Nick Olsen, Peter’s best friend and former roommate, found object artist Evangeline, and her stoner boyfriend, […]

Series Spotlight: The Warder Series by Mary Calmes

In her Warder series, Mary Calmes has created a group of memorable characters and a special universe for them to live and play in. In the Warder universe, demons and other hell creatures have the ability to visit our world via portals. Once here, they bring death and destruction on the unwary human race ignorant […]