Newsletter Submissions

Hi there! Thanks for your interest in sending information to the Joyfully Jay Weekly Newsletter.  Please complete the form below with as much information as possible.  We will do our best to include your sales and other news, but can not promise that we will be able to include it all. Thanks!



Please include detailed information on your sale, including the title and author of the book, and the start and end date for the sale (if known). There is also a notes field for any additional information about the sale that might be relevant.



This field is for any general news or events that you think might be relevant to readers. This can include things like submission calls, big events, or other news from romance land you think readers might be interested in hearing about.


Weekly Newsletter Submissions

Sales, promotions, and other news for the weekly newsletter
  • List title and author of sale book
  • Please include any news or events that would be appropriate for the newsletter. This may include special events, submission calls, publisher news, or other information that may be helpful for readers.
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