Review: Sin to Get Saved by Michael P. Thomas

Sin to Get Saved by Michael P. Thomas

Rating: 4.75 stars Buy Link: Amazon | iBooks | Amazon UK Length: Short Story Hubert is a disappointment to the grandfather who raised him. He is skinny, timid, submissive, and at twenty-nine years old, has never had a girlfriend. Hubert has had a strict religious upbringing as part of The Church of God’s Intended Love, […]

Review: Trampling in the Land of Woe by William Galaini

Trampling in the Land of Woe

Rating: 4 stars Buy Link: Amazon | All Romance | Amazon UK Length: Novel Hephaestion, the loyal general and warrior love to Alexander the Great, has vowed that not even death shall separate them. Though thousands have years have passed since their time on earth, Hephaestion has tirelessly worked to end their forced separation. For […]

Review: For Never and Always by Ana J. Phoenix

For Never and Always

Rating: 4.5 stars Buy Link: Amazon | All Romance | Amazon UK Length: Novel Seth wakes to find himself alone in unfamiliar surroundings. He sees a train station in the distance and as he’s compelled to board the train, he realizes it’s transporting the deceased. After a conversation with the conductor, Seth learns that he […]

Audiobook Review: Something Like Stories by Jay Bell

Stories audio

Story Rating: 5 stars Audio Rating: 4.5 stars Narrator: Kevin R. Free Length: 12 hours, 35 minutes Audiobook Buy Links: Audible Book Buy Links: Amazon | All Romance Something Like Stories is a collection of stories focusing on characters from Jay Bell’s Something Like… books (Seasons and Storm series). In my review of the book, […]

Review: Drama Queens with Love Scenes by Kevin Klehr

drama queens with love scenes

Rating: 3 stars Buy Link:  Amazon Length: Novel When we first meet Allan and Warwick, something seems a little off. They’ve been greeted by a 1950s bombshell and, apparently, an angel. Not a good sign. They are able to gather over the coming day that they’re in the afterlife, though people are pretty cagey about it, […]

Review: His Heart to Reap by Erin Lark

his heart to reap

Rating: 3 stars Buy Links:  Amazon | All Romance Length: Novella Aiden M. Scott is 26 years old, 3 years dead, and stuck in Limbo. What is a bored departed supposed to do with limitless time on his hands? Why become a reaper of course. And for three years, that is the job Aiden has done. […]