December Favorite Covers

Once Upon a Time in the Weird West

Hi everyone! Today we are here to share our favorite covers of December. Lots of lovelies as always to kudos to these great artists!

Best Covers of 2016


Hi everyone! Today we finish out our week of Annual Favorites with our Favorite Covers of 2016. I love good cover art and feel like it can make such a difference in how people perceive a book. A good cover can totally sell a book to me, and sadly, a bad cover can make me […]

September Favorite Covers


Hi everyone! I am here to wrap up the month with our favorite covers. This was a particularly good month for covers I think. Lots of beauties by some talented designers. Hope you enjoy! And if you have any of your own favorites, I’d love to hear them!  

April Favorite Covers


Hi gang! We are back today with our favorite covers of the month of April. Lots of beauties!

November Favorite Covers

Cover art by Carina Press

Hi everyone! Here are our favorite covers from November. We had quite a lot of really good ones this month! I’ll point out the fabulous Will & Patrick covers — I put all three in our favorites this month! Don’t forget you can click to make them clearer and more beautiful. Enjoy!

May Favorite Covers

Cover art by Aaron Anderson

Here is our list of Favorite Covers for May! As always, lots of beauties! To make these clearer, just click on them!

April Favorite Covers

Cover art by Alexandria Corza

Hi everyone! Here are our favorite covers for April.  Please show these fabulous artists some love (and as always, click to make them bigger and clearer)  

November Favorite Covers

the slave

Hello everyone! Today I have our favorite covers from November!  Be sure to check out these beauties and click on them to make them bigger and even more gorgeous! P.S. This month I noticed a trend of covers with men facing away from the camera and either walking along roads or staring into the distance […]