Review: Won’t Back Down Anthology

Won't Back Down

Rating: 4.25 stars Buy Link: Amazon | All Romance Length: Anthology This anthology is twelve rounds of non-stop action. It features stories full of characters willing to fight for what they believe in, the ones they love, or just for survival. No matter what the circumstances, one thing is for sure—none of them are backing […]

Review: Striker by Lexi Ander

Cover art by Aisha Akeju

Rating: 5 stars Buy Link: Amazon | All Romance Length: Novel   Striker picks up a short time after the ending of Alpha Trine. Zeus finds himself in the Waters of Poseidon, called there by his long lost brother, Canry. Canry is one of Poseidon’s children now, but longs to see his family again. He […]

Review: Unheard Destruction by Zach Sweets

Unheard Destruction

Rating: 3.5 stars Buy Link: Amazon | All Romance Length: Novel Hal and Rusty celebrate their fifth Valentine’s Day with a special meal and then retire to the bomb shelter Rusty built for some uninterrupted time cut off from technology.  After a heated round of love making, using a sex sling Rusty purchased as a […]

Review: Ink & Flowers by J.K. Pendragon

Ink and Flowers

Rating: 3.75 stars Buy Link: Amazon | All Romance Length: Novel Luke is about to be evicted because he hasn’t paid rent.  He barely gets enough hours at the florist shop where he works to make ends meet.  Since he’s a full time art college student, Luke doesn’t want to get another job.  Plus, his meddling aunts […]

Review: Swords, Sorcery, and Sundry by Mina MacLeod

Cover art by Le Burden Design

Rating: 4.5 stars Buy Link: Amazon | All Romance Length: Novel Sylvain is a wizard, travelling alone when he comes upon the city of Abelia.  Stopping at an inn for the night, he takes the only seat available in the crowded common room.  The table is already occupied by the effervescent and friendly Ashe.  Ashe […]

Review: Rights of Inheritance by Sandra Bard

rights of inheritance

Rating: 4.25 stars Buy Links:  Amazon | All Romance Length: Novel Tracking down the Lord of the Street People is not a sought after job, but Junior Scribe Gareth has no choice. Tasked by the king to deliver a message, Gareth searches high and low until he finally catches Keiran’s attention. Gareth is taken off guard when he […]

Review: Body Option by Talya Andor

body optoni

Rating: 4.5 stars Buy Links:  Amazon | All Romance Length: Short Story Fighter Pilot Grant Badu is the human component of what has quickly become known as the Infallible Duo. Along with the Gemini Suit known as Trefoil Argent, their combat record remains unchallenged. When a combat team turns traitor and crashes in the Cressian Mountains, Grant […]

Review: With Pride by Megan Derr

with pride

Rating: 5 stars Buy Links:  Amazon | All Romance Length: Novel Always he was second or third choice. Just once he wanted to be someone’s first choice. He wanted to be offered, accepted, with pride. Not from obligation or with resignation. He wanted to be a preference, not simply the least disappointing of limited options. Kristoff […]