Review: Point of Contact by Melanie Hansen

Point of Contact

Rating: 4.5 stars Buy Link: Amazon | iBooks | Amazon UK Length: Novel Trevor Estes became a single father as a teen, but there was nothing that he wouldn’t do for his son, Riley. When Riley joins the military, Trevor is constantly on edge and his worst nightmare becomes reality when Riley is killed in […]

Audiobook Review: Off the Beaten Path by Cari Z

off the beaten path audio

Story Rating: 4.5 stars Audio Rating: 4.5 stars Narrator: Jack Wesley Length: 6 hours, 23 minutes Audiobook Buy Links: Amazon/Audible | iBooks Book Buy Links: Amazon | iBooks Werewolves aren’t transformed by a bite, or by drinking water from a footprint. They’re caused by a government experiment that went wrong. Now these dangerous people are kept […]

Audiobook Review: Tied Up in Knots by Mary Calmes


Story Rating: 3.75 stars Audio Rating: 3.75 stars Narrator: Tristan James Length: 9 hours, 48 minutes Audiobook Buy Links: Amazon/Audible | iBooks Book Buy Links:  Amazon | iBooks Miro Jones loves his life and his partner at home and on the job, Ian Doyle. Unfortunately, Ian has been spending more and more time away from home, called away […]

Review: Love on a Battlefield by Posy Roberts

Love on  a Battlefield

Rating: 4.5 stars Buy Link: Amazon | iBooks | Amazon UK Length: Novella Andrew Summers is no stranger to the Civil War. Reenactments that is, as Andrew’s father makes him spend his vacations dressed as a soldier in battle. His father takes it so seriously that Andrew is not allowed to talk to those on […]

Review: Cover Up by L.A. Witt

cover up

Rating: 3.75 stars Buy Links:  Amazon | iBooks | Amazon UK Length: Novel After catching his husband of ten years cheating on him, Nate Chandler is now in the midst of divorce. He just wants the whole thing to be over and to put his marriage behind him, and that includes covering up the tattoo that he got […]

Review: Damned American! by Melian Belt

Damned American

Rating: 2.75 stars Buy Link: Amazon | iBooks | Amazon UK Length: Novel The Italian army is all Daniele has until a mission gone wrong puts him out of commission. Fresh from the hospital and suffering seizures and a case of seriously wounded pride, Daniele is informed that he’s got one more mission before he’s official decommissioned: […]

Review: Raise the Red Flag by Eric Del Carlo

Raise the Reg Flag

Rating: 2.5 stars Buy Link: Amazon | iBooks | Amazon UK Length: Novel Jonny Callahan is getting along just fine, thank you. Yes, he’s annoyed a local gang leader and been forced into hiding, but he’s found a nice gentleman to pay the bills so things are fine. As long as he stays off the […]

Audiobook Review: Stalking Buffalo Bill by J. Leigh Bailey

stalking buffalo bill audio

Story Rating: 3 stars Audio Rating: 5 stars Narrator: Finn Sterling Length: 5 hours, 30 minutes Audiobook Buy Links: Amazon/Audible | iBooks Book Buy Links: Amazon | iBooks Donnie confuses his family, annoys his best friend, and is doing his best to charm his way into the good graces of the tall, dark, and handsome […]