February Favorite Covers


Hi gang! Today I am sharing our favorite covers from books we reviewed in February. What do you all think? Any favorites we missed?  

January Favorite Covers

Block and Strike

Hi everyone! Today we are sharing our January favorites, so first up, here are our favorite covers of the month! I hope you enjoyed them as well! And if you have any favorites, definitely let us know!

July Favorite Covers

Cover art by Garrett Leigh

Hi there! Today we have our favorite covers of July. Lots of beauties so enjoy! And show some love to these great cover artists! What were your favorites this month? I’d love to hear them!  

January Favorite Covers

dangerous territory

Hi gang! Today we are rounding up our favorite covers from the month of January.  Enjoy!  

December Favorite Covers

Dance with me

Here are our favorite covers from December. Enjoy!                

June Favorite Covers

Cover art by Kanaxa

Here are our favorite covers for the month of June. It is always nice to appreciate the gorgeous covers that make our books even more enjoyable! Click on any of these to see them more clearly…  

March Favorite Covers

Cover art by Sylvia Frost

Here are our favorite covers from March. Lots of beauties by some fabulous cover artists. Enjoy! (and click to make them clearer)