Review: Red Fish, Dead Fish by Amy Lane

red fish dead fish

Rating: 4.25 stars Buy Links:  Amazon | iBooks | Amazon UK Length: Novel Jackson Rivers is still recovering from the gunshot wound that capped off his last case, but he can not rest while Tim Owens is still at large. While the police aren’t convinced that Owens is a threat, Jackson and his boyfriend, Ellery Cramer, know that […]

Buddy Review: Model Investigator by Lissa Kasey

model investigator

Buy Links:  Amazon | iBooks | Amazon UK Length: Novel Today Sammy and Jay are doing a Buddy Review for Model Investigator, the third book in Lissa Kasey’s Haven Investigation series. We have both been following the series so we decided to once again do a joint review so we can both share our thoughts. Please note […]

Review: The Fangs of Scavo by Selina Kray

Fangs of Scavo

Rating: 4 stars Buy Link: Amazon | iBooks | Amazon UK Length: Novel DI Timothy “Kip” Stoker needs a win. His supervisor is breathing down his neck and has tasked him with two jobs: he must solve a theft and bring down amateur detective Hieronymus Bash. Neither job is easy and should Kip fail at either, his […]

Review: Draakenwood by Jordan L. Hawk


Rating: 4.75 stars Buy Links:  Amazon | iBooks | Amazon UK Length: Novel Things are quiet for now in Widdershins, but Whyborne and Griffin know that is unlikely to last long. It is clear from what they learned from the Fidelis cult that the masters are returning, and with them will come untold destruction. But what exactly […]

Review: Snapdragon by Michelle Woody


Rating: 3.5 stars Buy Link: Amazon | iBooks | Amazon UK Length: Novel Chris Mason has recently joined his brother, Dylan, and his brother’s friend, Ron, in their burgeoning detective agency. However, it soon turns out that Chris brought along more than his skills in computers. He also managed to pick up a stalker, a […]

Review: Second Shot by Ali Atwood

Second Shot

Rating: 2.5 stars Buy Link: Amazon | iBooks | Amazon UK Length: Novella Dillon McQueen is a law school graduate working as in investigator, because he wants to help real people. Dillon was abandoned shortly after birth and has no knowledge of his heritage, except for a necklace he now wears. It’s a Celtic symbol that […]

Audiobook Review: Fish Out of Water by Amy Lane

Fish out of water (audio)

Story Rating: 4.75 stars Audio Rating: 4.5 stars Narrator: Greg Tremblay Length: 9 hours, 20 minutes Audiobook Buy Links: Audible | iBooks Book Buy Links: Amazon | iBooks Private investigator Jackson Rivers barely survived a shooting eight years ago. That’s not the worst part. No, worse is that he’d been an undercover cop on a sting […]

Review: A Christmas Hex by Jordan L. Hawk

christmas hex

Rating: 4.25 stars Buy Links:  Amazon | All Romance | Amazon UK Length: Short story Years ago, Roland was kicked out of his home when his family found out he was a wolf familiar. They feared Roland was dangerous and would harm them, and ever since he has been totally alone and hiding his true nature. […]