February Favorite Covers

Hi gang! Today I am sharing our favorite covers from books we reviewed in February. What do you all think? Any favorites we missed?  

September Favorite Covers

Hi all! Here are our favorite covers of September. Lots of great stuff so be sure to show these folks some love! As always, click to embiggen them!

2013 Favorite Covers

Hello everyone! I am so excited to share my favorite covers of 2013 with you guys!  I always have a hard time with this because we have seen so many gorgeous covers by a variety of talented artists this year.  But here are some of my favorites.  They show up a bit blurry in the […]

March’s Favorite Covers

Hello, once again we have our favorite covers for the month. We reviewed 66 books in March so these were the cream of a very large crop.   As always, lots of beauties!

February Favorite Covers

Hi guys! Here our some of our favorite covers out of the 57 books we reviewed in February. Lots of lovely ones this month, but I’ll mention a few that really caught my attention. Tumbling Blindly by Sue Brown for taking the standard stock photo image and turning into a really fabulous cover (and the […]

December’s Favorite Covers

Hello everyone!  Happy New Year to you all and welcome to 2013.  Way back there in December we reviewed about 60 books and once again have a selection of great covers to highlight. Is just me or do you want to squeeze that Weight of a Gun guy’s ass?  

Joyfully Jay 2012 Favorite Covers

As my regular readers already know, I am crazy for a good cover.  To me a cover can totally sell a book, and sadly, a bad cover can keep people away.  I also think a good cover can set the tone for a book, let you know what to expect and give you a feel […]

September’s Favorite Covers

Lots of pretty shiny covers for you this month.  My favorite is the cover for Aaron by J.P. Barnaby. So pretty and haunting at the same time.  (In case you missed it, we have a great post on the making of the cover where the artist walks us through its creation).  And of course Hot […]