Review: Off the Ice by Avon Gale and Piper Vaughn

off the ice

Rating: 4.25 stars Buy Links:  Amazon | iBooks | Amazon UK Length: Novel Tristan Holt is a defenseman for the Atlanta Venom, an NHL team. Tristan is practical enough to know that getting his college degree is a good idea even though he is a pro athlete, so he is also taking classes toward a business degree. […]

Review: Welcome to Crash by Lina Langley

welcome to crash

Rating: 4 stars Buy Links:  Amazon | iBooks | Amazon UK Length: Novel Damien has been lucky enough to unexpectedly get a job at a renowned art studio. The place is not at all what he anticipated and things there are somewhat strange. His boss, John, seems particularly odd, but that doesn’t stop the attraction Damien feels for him, despite […]

Audiobook Review: Everyday History by Alice Archer

everyday history audio

Story Rating: 3.75 stars Audio Rating: 3.75 stars Narrator: Daan Stone Length: 10 hours, 43 minutes Audiobook Buy Links: Audible | iBooks Book Buy Links:  Amazon | iBooks Henry Normand is a professor who teaches a class to student interns at the museum where he works. At the start of the semester, Henry is drawn immediately by one particular student, […]

Review: Gabriel by R.K. Staunton


Rating: 3 stars Buy Link: Amazon | iBooks | Amazon UK Length: Novel The urge to kill was ever present, woven deep into the fabric of Gabriel Ingram’s very being. When he worked for the CIA, it served him well. He slipped into and out of roles like fish slips through water. But all that […]

Review: Seducing Professor Coyle by Darien Cox

Seducing Professor Coyle

Rating: 4.25 stars Buy Link: Amazon | iBooks | Amazon UK Length: Novel Ben is a senior in college and graduation is finally three weeks away. He put himself through school and a full-time job cannot come soon enough. There seems to be one problem though with a grade in his in literature class that […]

Review: Yes, Professor by Renae Kaye


Rating: 4.5 stars Buy Link: Amazon | iBooks | Amazon UK Length: Novel Avery is a university student who has changed his major twice before he settled on his third. He’s also a little flaky and indecisive. The one thing he knows, though, is he likes older men…their maturity and ability to be in control. […]

Review: 245 Days by Isabelle Peterson

245 Days

Rating: 2.75 stars Buy Link: Amazon | iBooks | Amazon UK Length: Novel Taylor is a senior in college and can’t wait to finish school and move to California with his best friend, Livvie. He is definitely looking forward to leaving the cold East Coast climate, but also he is also looking to put some […]

Review: The God in Flight by Laura Argiri


Rating: 5 stars Buy Link: Amazon | All Romance | Amazon UK Length: Novel Despite an upbringing by a deranged religious fanatic in the backwaters of West Virginia, Simion is an extremely intelligent child who thrives under the tutelage of the new school teacher, Lincoln. The two form a powerfully tight bond; Lincoln instills all […]