I have mentioned before my enthusiasm for the Goodreads M/M Romance group.  It is a great place to hang out and chat with others about m/m romance, including busy discussion boards, reader challenges, books of the month, contests, and more. This summer, the group sponsored the Hot Summer Days challenge where members sent in photos and authors volunteered to write short stories inspired by these photos.  There were well over 100 stories written and many of us took on the challenge to read them all (sadly, I only managed to get through about half before the summer passed me by).

But the super awesome and exciting part is that they are now publishing all these stories in several volumes called Don’t Read in the Closet (this year’s theme).  The first two volumes are already out – Volume One and the GayRomLit Retreat Special Edition (featuring authors participating in that event).  And you guys, these babies are FREE!  Featuring fabulous m/m stories from awesome authors, some published and some just starting out.

Each story includes the original letter from the group member telling the author their ideas of where the story might lead. Unfortunately the photos couldn’t be included (I assume copyright issues) so all you get is a description of the picture. Unless you are a group member and then you can check them out in all their (often NSFW) glory in the group’s erotic photos folder (see, even more incentive to join!).

Eventually all the stories will be published, just not sure what the timeline is for future volumes.  As I continue to read them, I will periodically publish reviews here on Joyfully Jay.  So what are you waiting for? Go check them out!

Happy reading!

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