Today I am incredibly excited to welcome author Marie Sexton to the blog.  Woo-hoo!  I am a huge fan of Marie’s writing so I am doing the crazy fangirl dance over here!  I adore her Coda series, and if you read my review yesterday, you know how much I loved her newest book, Song of Oestend.  (I am trying to keep the embarrassing squeeing under control over here!)

You all are in luck because today Marie is here for some triple goodness! We’ve got an interview, a (super hot) excerpt from Song of Oestend, and Marie is giving away a copy of the book to one lucky commenter.  This is awesome guys!

So please join me in giving Marie a warm welcome!

Marie, welcome to Joyfully Jay! I can’t tell you how excited I am to have you join us as I am a huge fan of your writing.

Thanks! Happy to be here! 🙂

Song of Oestend is a departure from your contemporary stories, both in its western feel, as well as in the alternate world it creates. What led you toward this different style and setting?

It was sort of a convergence of several stories. I wanted to write about a cowboy and an artist. I wanted to write about a haunted house. Also, I was intrigued by the idea of the wraiths. Somebody (either Heidi Cullinan or Ethan Stone or Wendy Russo) said, “Put them all together.” At first I thought, “Impossible!” But the more I thought about it, the more I thought, “It just might work!” Of course, then I had to decide on a time period. I’ve always written contemporary, but somehow, I knew that wasn’t going to work. I’m too lazy to write historicals. Plus, I didn’t really want to have to deal with the actual politics (social, religious, and governmental) of the past, so I made up a whole new world.

Was it difficult or liberating to write a story where you create a new world?

Both. At first I found it a bit nerve-racking, but I ended up really enjoying it.

Do you have more stories planned for this world? (Please say yes!) If so, can you give us a hint of what is to come, and who the heroes might be?

I do have rough plans for a book about Simon and Frances, as well as a book about Dante. [Oh yes, please! And good for you Frances, I knew you could win him over!]

Disclaimer: I have rough plans for sequels to just about everything I’ve ever written, so please don’t hold your breath! 🙂

Aren and Deacon are super hot together. Definitely some scenes that make you go all tingly. Is it my imagination or is this book more hot and heavy than previous things you have written?

It’s definitely not your imagination! LOL. Aren is without a doubt the most unapologetically sexual character I’ve ever written. Add that to Deacon’s serious need for release, and things get hot REALLY fast. Even I was a bit surprised at how explicit it got (and how often). During edits, there were definitely a couple of moments where I found myself thinking, “Good lord, did I write this?!” I think I made myself blush more than once.

Deacon and Olsa sing in a native Ainuai language in the book.  Is this a language you created, or is it based on something that exists? In your head, do you have a translation for their songs?

I made it up. Some of it’s based on what I know of Spanish – not the words, but the order of things (for example, adjectives come before nouns). I sat down one day and came up with the songs and the words. At the time, I had it all mapped out in my brain, but if you asked me to translate now, I’m sure I wouldn’t remember any of it.

What else do you have in the works?

I have two things scheduled for release in early 2012 with Silver Publishing. The first is called Blind Space (space pirates!), and the other is called Cinder. The first is a bit naughty, the second is squeaky clean. They’re both fun and short and not too heavy. You can see a bit more here ( and here (

Thanks so much for taking the time to answer all my questions! If folks want to know more about you or your books, how can they find you?

I’m everywhere! 🙂

My website/blog:

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Thank you so much for visiting here at Joyfully Jay! You are welcome back any time!

And now because I love you all so much, here is an unbelievably hot excerpt from Song of Oestend.  Marie sent me a few choices but I couldn’t resist using this one, because, oh my gosh the hotness! This scene and parts 2 & 3 that comes later on in the book were amazing. (Oh, and this should have an 18+ tag on it since I don’t have one on my site…)

Aren had been planning nothing more than a quick tryst, but as he sat on a bale of hay waiting for Deacon to arrive, his plan began to evolve. For those brief moments at the table, Deacon had felt like putty in his hands. He’d seen a hint of submission in Deacon’s eyes, and it thrilled him. He found himself wanting desperately to explore how far that submission went.

“I’m glad you waited,” Deacon said when he finally entered the stall, “but I only have a few minutes.”

“That’s fine.” Aren contemplated Deacon’s strong, muscular frame and the bulge that was already forming in the cowboy’s pants. He knew Deacon only owned three or four pairs of pants, and about as many shirts. The ones he wore now were his nicest ones, kept aside for dinner with the family. “You’re not wearing those to work, right?” Aren asked.


“Good.” Aren stood up and closed the door to their stall. They still wouldn’t have total privacy—the walls only came up to Aren’s shoulder—but it somehow served to underline the point that they were finally alone. He turned to find Deacon watching him. His expression was exactly as it had been at the dinner table—hopeful, aroused, and completely submissive. “Take off your pants,” Aren said.

Deacon smiled at him. “Have to take my boots off first.” But he didn’t argue. He pulled his boots off, tossing them into the corner. Then he slowly took his pants off. He didn’t toss those on the floor. He folded them and placed them on a hay bale before turning back to Aren. His shirt hung down past his hips, although the front of it was caught on his rather impressive erection.

Aren stepped up close to him and began to unbutton his shirt. “We don’t have enough time to do this right,” he said as he worked his way down the front of Deacon’s shirt. “But I’m not letting you hide from me anymore.”

“I wasn’t the one hiding.” Of course that was true. Aren hadn’t thought of it as hiding, but he could see now that was exactly how it had looked.

“I was trying to give you space if you wanted it.”

“Seemed like you didn’t want to see me.”

“I woke up in the morning and you were gone. I figured that was your way of telling me you didn’t want it to happen again.”

“No,” Deacon said, looking amused. “That was my way of telling you I had chores to do before breakfast.”

“You’re forgiven,” Aren said, even though it hadn’t actually been an apology, and he was pleased when Deacon laughed. Aren undid the bottom button and pushed the shirt backwards off Deacon’s shoulders.

“You have to undo the cufflinks,” Deacon said.

Aren smiled and shook his head. “Not this time.” He pulled the shirt down Deacon’s arms, and just as he’d planned, the sleeves turned inside out, but stopped before Deacon’s big hands escaped from the cuffs. Aren moved behind him. He pulled Deacon’s hands together and used the fabric of the shirt to bind Deacon’s hands behind his back. It wouldn’t be enough to hold him if he really wanted to get free, but Aren was pretty sure Deacon didn’t want to escape anyway.

He walked back in front of Deacon, tracing his fingers down the scar that started at Deacon’s collarbone and trailed towards his navel. Deacon’s eyes were closed, his breathing heavy, his cock hard and tipped with a bead of moisture.

“You don’t get to come right now,” Aren said. He leant forwards to tease one of Deacon’s nipples, flicking his tongue over the bud of flesh. “You’re going to have to wait.”

“Then what are you doing here?” Deacon asked.

Aren reached down to cup Deacon’s heavy sac in his hand, squeezing gently, and Deacon moaned. “I want you to be thinking about me all day.”

“That won’t be anything new.”

Aren smiled, undeniably pleased by the confession. He slid his fingers backwards, towards Deacon’s taint, but his access was blocked by Deacon’s muscular thighs. “Spread your legs for me.”

Deacon did, widening his stance so that Aren’s hand slid easily between his legs, and Aren felt that same bolt of excitement lance down his spine. Deacon’s ready compliance made him breathless. He massaged the thick cord of flesh between Deacon’s legs. “Has anybody ever done this for you?”

“No,” Deacon breathed.

“Wait until you feel my tongue on it,” he said, and Deacon moaned.

Aren pulled his hand from between Deacon’s legs. He slowly moved around Deacon’s muscular, trembling body, trailing his hand over Deacon’s hip as he did. “You don’t get to jack off today,” he said. “I want you feeling desperate all day.”

“I’m feeling desperate now.”

Aren smacked his flank playfully, and noted the groan it elicited from Deacon. “You don’t know what desperate is,” Aren teased. Deacon’s bound hands and the bulk of his shirt hid most of his ass, and Aren crossed slowly behind Deacon until he stood at his other side. His right hand rested on Deacon’s firm ass. His left hand fingered his erect nipple. “I want you squirming in your saddle all day.” He pinched one of Deacon’s nipples, and the cowboy’s gasp of pleasure made him moan.

He slid his right hand down Deacon’s ass, his fingers probing between his cheeks. He pushed gently when he found what he sought, and he felt Deacon’s muscles tighten instinctively. “I won’t hurt you,” Aren whispered as he nipped at Deacon’s shoulder with his teeth. He slid his left hand down Deacon’s stomach, skirting his erect penis, and rubbed his fingers back again onto Deacon’s taint. “You’ll learn to love this,” he whispered as he started to move both hands at the same time. He didn’t try to gain entrance with the fingers of his right hand. He only rubbed gently, moving in tandem with the fingers between Deacon’s legs. “I’ll teach you how to relax,” he said as he massaged Deacon. “You won’t believe how good it can feel.”

Deacon made a sound, something close to a whimper. “Please,” he said.

“‘Please what?” Aren teased, his fingers still moving together on Deacon’s body.

“Please,” Deacon said again. “Let me touch you. Or kiss you. Or…something!”

His desperation made Aren smile. Aren took a step back, taking both of his hands off Deacon’s body, and Deacon moaned in frustration.

“Not yet.”

Ok, while everyone is fanning themselves off, here is the deal with the giveaway. One lucky commenter will win a copy of Song of Oestend.  To enter, leave a comment below (and be sure to include your email if it’s not in your profile).  The contest closes 11:59 pm EDT on Friday, October 21.

And now the fine print:

  • By entering the contest, you’re confirming that you are at least 18 years old.
  • Winners will be selected by random number.
  • If you win, you must respond to my email within 48 hours or another winner will be chosen. Please make sure that your spam filter allows email from Joyfully Jay.
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