Today is National Coming Out Day.  Here are Joyfully Jay I want to show my support for all of those struggling with the decision about whether to come out and for those who have already done so.  As a straight woman, I can’t pretend to fully understand how difficult and momentous the decision to come out can be, but I wanted to make a small gesture to show my heartfelt support.

I decided to recognize the day by making donations to the Human Rights Campaign and the Trevor Project.  It is a Jewish tradition to give gifts or make donations in denominations of $18.  This is because Chai, the Hebrew word for “life,” is represented by the number 18 (the letters are the 8th and 10th of the Hebrew alphabet).  This seems particularly appropriate at a time when so many gay teens are still being bullied and even taking their own lives after facing terrible abuse.

In case anyone is interested, I’m also passing along some links from the Human Rights Campaign.  They have a variety of resources for those coming out, as well as for straight supporters.  You can also participate via Facebook by donating your Facebook status.

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