Ok, so any of you who have been reading my blog for a while know I am totally obsessed with romance covers, both the good and the bad (check out my post Judging a Book by its Cover for more details).  So for fun, I thought that along with my September Favorite Reads, I’d toss in a post on my favorite covers.  As with the books this month, I’m bleeding into August to catch a few things from before I started the blog.  These are all from the list of books I read these two months, not necessarily ones that were published or reviewed during that time.

So here goes.

Dance with Me by Heidi Cullinan
Cover art by Valerie Tibbs

I love this cover because it shows both Ed and Laurie just how I picture them, even in the way they carry themselves (although I admit in my head Ed looks like Joe Manganiello!). I love the image of dancing Laurie and how it shows his grace and power (too bad no tights though!).  Nice skyline image too since the Twin Cities play a big role in the story.

Muscling Through by J.L. Merrow
Cover art by Angela Waters

I love the British feel of the setting here.  I could tell right away this isn’t America.  Plus, I like the wink to the fact that the guys met in this type of alley, especially since it is such an unusual scene.  Al feels right to me, both in appearance and posture.

Dirty Kiss by Rhys Ford
Cover art by Anne Cain

I think Cain does just beautiful covers.  She is definitely one of my favorite cover artists.  I think the cover does a great job with Cole here.  You can get a hint of his Japanese ancestry.  And the vibe feels right.  Jae isn’t exactly right to me, but I still think the cover works well and matches the tone of the book, especially with the sort of washed out coloring.

I, Omega by Kari Gregg
Cover art by April Martinez

Ok, come on, it is just pretty!

Pretty Monsters by Andrea Speed
Cover art by Jordan Taylor

Ok, on this last one I am cheating a bit because I haven’t read this book yet.  But I got my review copy and was blown away by the cover.  Totally gorgeous! Makes me very excited to read the book.