Hi guys!  I just want to thank everyone again for making Virgin Hero Week such as success and give a big welcome to all the new readers.  If you missed any of last week’s festivities, check out the Virgin Hero Week Wrap Up for links to all the reviews and both contests (there is still time to enter).

So this week we’ve got lots of good stuff.  First of all, I bring you the fabulous Damon Suede!  I wish I could hand deliver him to all your doors (or at least to mine) but as a close second, he will be visiting the blog on Wednesday to talk to us about his new book, Grown Men.  He also shares his thought on writing and his kilt collection (mmmm, kilts).  No virgins, but still good yes?  😉

Ok, so here is the full schedule:

  • On Monday I will post my October Favorite Books and October Favorite Covers.  (You all know I am cover crazy!)  I read 18 books last month and so many of them were really great.  We’ll also be announcing the Virgin Hero Week book giveaway winner, both here and at 2 Boys in Love (if you hurry you can still enter by being a Joyfully Jay official Follower).
  • On Tuesday I will be reviewing Damon’s new book, Grown Men.  This is a science fiction story set in the HardCell universe.  Super good you guys!  Then on Wednesday Damon will be here for an interview and giveaway!
  • On Thursday I have a review for the soon-to-be released Wight Mischief by J.L. Merrow.  I really loved this one! And J.L. will be at the blog next week to talk about what she will do in the name of research (including lots of pub sampling!).
  • On Friday I have a review for Altered Heart by Kate Steele, a shifter book I read for my Goodreads Bingo Challenge.  My thoughts seem to differ from some of the reviews I have read so I will be curious to hear what you all think.  Also Friday is also the deadline for entering the L.A. Witt giveaway to win copies of both The Distance Between Us and The Closer You Get.  Be sure to comment on her post on the virgin hero for a chance to win.


Also, just wanted to mention that Damon Suede’s amazing book Hot Head is currently up for Best Romance in the Goodreads Choice Awards.  Not only is this book fabulous (mmm, kilts) but it is the only m/m romance up for consideration this year.  So please stop by and show some support by following the link below.