Hello everyone!  Hope you all had a great week!  It was quite busy here with all the author visits and giveaways.

Holiday preparations are going well at my house.  Just about finished all the shopping.  Now I just need to get ready for Chanukah to start on Tuesday by buying a bunch of potatoes for latkes and donuts for dessert (gotta love a holiday that celebrates fried foods!)  That and get my mounds of wrapping done.

So other than holiday gluttony, what is planned this week?

Well, on Monday, I will be reviewing the second Dark Soul book by Aleksandr Voinov.  This continues the story of our hot mobsters Silvio and Stefano as they come to the U.S. to protect Stefano’s territory from the Russians.  Monday is also the last day to enter to win a copy of What We Deserve by Kerry Freeman.

Then on Tuesday the amazing Aleks will be here himself to talk to us about the series, as well as about Riptide as they finish up their three-month launch event.  Aleks is bringing a giveaway too so be sure to enter.  And if I can read fast enough I will review the latest installment (Dark Soul #3) which is currently burning a hole in my inbox!  I have heard it is steaming hot and to be sure to have my fan nearby (if that isn’t incentive to read it I don’t know what is)!  If I can finish it in time I’ll run the review either Monday or Tuesday, if not I’ll run it later on.  (And by the way, have you seen that cover? Hot!)

Wednesday I will have a review of Take Me Home by Sloan Harper.  Sloan was nice enough to stop by last week to talk to us about the book and bring a copy to give away, so be sure to leave a comment on that post if you want to enter.  (That giveaway ends on Tuesday.)

On Thursday I will have the last of my holiday reviews. First, I will be reviewing the Winter Warmers anthology with stories from five great authors.  Then later in the day I will have a review of the sweet short story A Gift of Mistletoe by Alex Whitehall.

Then on Friday I will be reviewing Divinity by Bryl R. Tyne about a vampire security guard addicted to orange tootsie pops. Lots of fun!  Friday will also be the last day to enter to win the giveaway from Aleks Voinov.

Thanks again to everyone who stopped by this week and checked out  my posts, commented, entered giveaways, retweeted, etc.  It is so nice to have you all around! Jay

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