Buy Link: Dark Soul #2
Author: Aleksandr Voinov
Publisher: Riptide Publishing
Length: Short Story

Rating: 4.5

The second book in the Dark Soul series picks up about two weeks after the second story from book #1 (see review).  Like the first book, volume two gives us two “episodes” in the story of our mafia men Silvio and Stefano. These stories lead directly from events of the first book, so be warned this review may be a bit spoilerish.

In Dark Whisper, Silvio gets a call late at night, startling him with memories of the night he was attacked by Diego Carbone (who he later killed to much notoriety).  He is relieved to realize it is only Gianbattista calling to check in.  While Silvio is glad to talk him and definitely missing Battista after two weeks, it is also hard for him since he is still hurting from their break up.  But it seems that Battista is feeling a bit nostalgic and brings up Silvio’s recent credit card purchase to a place called the Pleasure Dom.

As Battista gets Silvio to share his purchases (nipple clamps, assorted dildos, and a host of other fun sub toys), both men begin to get turned on.  This soon leads to some super hot, long distance phone sex between the men.  Although Gianbattista is still clearly the dom in the relationship, this encounter is not as hard and aggressive as in the first story.  The sex is super hot, but there is also a bit of sweetness as Battista admits that he misses Silvio.

This story is mostly focused on the phone sex, but we do get some bits of other plot points. The men discuss Stefano and how they know he wants Silvio, but Stefano is not quite ready to take that step yet and Silvio is biding his time before making a move. We also learn a bit more about Silvio’s motivation that night he snuck into Stefano’s hotel room in the first book.

In Dark Night, the story focuses more on Stefano this time.  He is out to dinner for a date night with his wife Donata.  Despite his feelings for Silvio, Stefano is still attracted to Donata and loves her deeply.  On their way back from dinner, their car is hit, but rather than a simple traffic accident, it is actually an attack from the Russian mobsters who have been threatening Stefano’s control over his territory.  Stefano’s entourage is caught off guard and he is kidnapped by the Russians, managing at the last minute to tell Donata to call Silvio for help.

After some threats to give up his territory, along with a lot of physical violence, the men finally leave Stefano and he manages to stumble to a hotel where he is found by Silvio. Stefano is badly injured but must put on a show of strength before his men and others in their circle so that he does not appear weak and unable to defend his business. He receives comfort from Silvio’s presence and care (although he is sadly not up for the sexual comfort Silvio offers).

It was interesting to see this glimpse into a softer relationship between the men, rather than the more aggressive sexual energy that has surrounded them in other stories. It is clear that something is developing between the two men and this is the first time Stefano really allows himself to get physical with Silvio (or at least try).  This story also moves the Russian plot forward that is introduced in volume one, making it clear that this is a serious problem that is not going away. I was also intrigued by a bit in the beginning where Stefano gets the idea that Donata knows Silvio is gay and seems pretty matter of fact about it. I am curious to see if this comes back up later when (and if) things develop sexually between Silvio and Stefano.

I really liked this book and thought it was a great addition to the series.  I think it does a good job of moving things forward while still maintaining that episodic style where we just jump into the story for a brief glimpse of things. I also liked getting more insight into Silvio, especially in the first story where we get more of his point of view.  And the phone sex scene is super hot. I do wish we were given a bit more of the story instead of these really small teases, but that is me being greedy!  I am really liking the story and can’t wait to get started on volume #3.  If you enjoyed the first Dark Soul stories you definitely will not want to miss reading this one.  It is a great continuation of the saga.