Hello everyone! Hope you all had a good post-holiday week.  Mine was a bit crazy as hubby had wrist surgery.  He has this huge ass splint/bandage thing on now so bulky he can barely move his arm. Fortunately Vicadin cures all ails. So things are a bit insane here.  I am doing all the driving, as well as all the tasks that require two hands (many more than you’d think!).  We are looking at about six weeks of the splint, but hopefully in two weeks the doctor will give him something smaller. So fun times over at Jay’s house!

But I never forget about you guys and still have lots of great stuff for you all.  Here is what this week looks like…

On Monday I am reviewing Six Degrees of Lust by Taylor V. Donovan.  This is a great combination of mystery/thriller and hot romance.  This is the first book of the series and after reading this one I can’t wait for the rest!

On Tuesday, Taylor Donovan will be here to talk to us more about the book and is also bringing a copy to give away to one lucky commenter.  Hurray!

For Wednesday I have a review of Unshakeable Faith by Lisa Worrall.  Get ready, this one involves a double amnesia folks!

On Thursday I’ll be reviewing In the Red, the fabulous new book by Kari Gregg.  I just loved this one.  Great geeky hero!

Then on Friday I have a review of The Forester by Blaine Arden.  I really liked this short fantasy/mystery set in the elven world.

So another busy week full of lots of great books!  A few other things of note:

Rock Star Week – Yes, it’s coming, in case you didn’t notice the huge ass banner on my side bar.  I am so crazy excited for this one you guys.  I have already got a bunch of great books lined up for giveaways and I am furiously reading about one hot rock star after another (this is a hard job, you all!). By next week I should be able to give you some details (although those of you who are clever sleuths could figure out quite a bit by snooping through my Goodreads bookshelves!).

Blog Tours/Hops– Yes, it is turning into Blog Tourapalooza over here at Joyfully Jay!  Lots of fun stuff coming up under my Coming Soon header in the side bar.

  • January 9-20 is Andrea Speed’s blog tour for her new book Peek-a-boo in the Josh of the Damned series.  She’ll be stopping by here on January 17.
  • January 20-27 is the Shameless Giveaway Hop.  Joyfully Jay will be one of what is so far about 80 blogs participating (right now the link takes you to the blogger sign up list if you want a sneak peek at who is involved).  On January 20th all the contest posts will be live so be sure to check out the Joyfully Jay giveaway as well as the ones at the other blogs.  And since I love my dear readers so much I will pre-announce to you all that my giveaway will be something super hot and sex-filled by Brita Addams!
  • Joyfully Jay will also be a part of the Beat Your Winter Blues Blog Tour, a huge tour featuring about 16 different authors with releases coming out between January and April.  There will be a huge grand prize for one winner pulled from the commenters at each blog stop, as well as smaller prizes at various blogs along the way.  Joyfully Jay will be hosting the last blog stop in April.  In addition, I will be reviewing a number of the new releases throughout the tour.  As soon as the details get finalized, I’ll have the little blog tour badge up so keep your eyes open.

Great Deal – Just wanted to mention that Riptide is running a 50% off sale on the first book in Aleksandr Voinov’s fabulous Dark Soul series.  I am in love with this series so I’d definitely recommend checking it out.

Giveaways – I have mentioned this before (and it is noted in each giveaway post), but PLEASE leave me an email address when you enter.  In recent weeks I have had three people lose out on prizes because they did not respond to my winner posts and I had no way to contact them directly.  Please include an email address either in your post or in the profile you use when you comment.  If you are really not comfortable with that, please check back after the contest closes and look for the winner post so you can see if your name is listed. I usually run them within about 24 hours of the contest closing.

That’s all for now.  Hope you all have a great week!  Jay