Title: Feeling Neighborly
Author: Ellis Carrington
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Length: Short Story

Rating: 4.5

I mentioned last week that I am participating in the Beat Your Winter Blues Blog Tour, a big tour with 16 authors releasing books from January through April. I will be hosting the last stop, but along the way I will also be periodically reviewing some of the books coming out during the tour. (I’ll note them with the little blog banner in the posts.)

In Feeling Neighborly, Teagan has just moved into a new townhouse when he spots a sexy neighbor with an ass to die for.  Just as he is about to make a move, he realizes the man is with his daughter.  And although the guy is incredibly hot, Teagan is not interested in getting involved with someone with a kid.

Later that night, however, the men literally run into each other and within about two minutes they are having hot and heavy monkey sex on Matt’s kitchen table.  Teagan is still convinced he just wants to be friends, but that doesn’t last long.  As the months pass the men move from friends with benefits into something more.  And Teagan realizes the relationship he didn’t see coming may be just want he wants after all.

This is a short little story with a nice combination of super hotness and sweet romance. From the start Teagan is sure he wants nothing more than a one-night good time with Matt (and he isn’t even sure that is great idea considering they are neighbors). So I really liked how we see the story develop from his point of view as he realizes that this relationship is exactly what he wants.  (BTW, Matt’s daughter is entirely off screen for those of you who are big fans of the kiddies in your romance.)  For a story so short, Carrington gives us a good sense of how things develop between the two guys and how they move from one night stand to serious relationship.  And they are super hot together.

If you are looking for a short little nibble that is both hot and sweet, I’d definitely recommend Feeling Neighborly.