Buy Link: Rubbed the Right Way
Author: Brita Addams
Publisher: Riptide Publishing
Length: Short Story

Rating: 4.5

This second book in the Romeo Club series introduces us to a new client and a new erotic service at the exclusive club.  This time we meet Brady, recently coming off being stood up by his ex in Spain.  Upon his return home, Brady decides to seek out the specialized services of Kyle, the Romeo Club’s master masseuse, and take part in his erotic massage.  Kyle’s magic hands and assorted toys help Brady to relieve his tension and reach new heights of pleasure, leaving him anxious to come back for more.

Ok, so this story is super hot.  There is nothing off limits as Kyle pulls out all the stops to both ease Brady’s tension and to ramp it up as well.  This is a super sexy story, just a little nugget of yummy goodness (and I’ll admit reading about the prostate massage had me squirming and I don’t even have the necessary parts!).

A couple small quibbles.  I was a bit confused at the very start over whether Brady was still in Spain or had returned home already and needed to reread a couple of times to clarify.  I also found myself a teeny bit sad at the end to think of Brady finally feeling confident and good about himself again after his ex and it had to come at the hands of someone he paid.

But I just love the fantasy of the wonderful Romeo Club, a place where all your wildest desires can be fulfilled.   I am really looking forward to additional installments and learning about all the fabulous treats in store for their clients. If you are looking for an incredibly hot short story that will get your juices flowing, I’d definitely recommend Rubbed the Right Way.

P.S. Readers can easily jump into this book without having read the first story, but Surprises does provide a bit more background on the club and is quite a good story as well.

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