It’s here, it’s here!  Rock Star Week is here! I feel like I have been thinking and planning (and reading) forever.

I having been working hard to pull together a great week of reviews and other rock star fun. Everyone has been full of such positive feedback, I am so excited to finally share it all with you.

So as you can see, we have a LOT going on. Much more than my usual one post a day (had to keep things lively, right?).  Here is what I have planned:

To kick things off, first thing Monday I will have a post sharing my love of rock stars called Why I Love Rock Star Romance and talking about why I think rock star books are so appealing. I will also be posting a list of favorite rock star books that will include both books I love and suggestions you all have made over the past few weeks. I hope we can all add to this list throughout the week.

Later Monday morning we will kick off our massive Rock Star Week Giveaway!  We have a ton of great books donated and there will be lots of winners.  For a full list of prizes and to enter the contest, check out the Rock Star Week Giveaway post.  The contest will run through Saturday.

Finally, on Monday afternoon I will have a review of Outfoxed by K-lee Klein.  This is a fabulous free story about two sexy bandmates who are ready to take their relationship to the next level.  We are super lucky because K-lee is also sharing with us an excerpt from her upcoming Outfoxed prequel, Theme of Hearts (AND she is giving a copy of Theme of Hearts away in our giveaway!).

In the morning I will be kicking of a new feature on Joyfully Jay, the Series Spotlight.  The idea is to showcase all the books in a particular series, but not necessarily do formal reviews of them all.  For Rock Star Week nothing seemed more fitting than the Heaven Sent series by Jet Mykles, as these seem to be among the best known rocker romances.

Also on Tuesday I will be reviewing my favorite book from my Rock Star Week reading, Riot Boy by Katey Hawthorne.  It features super sexy bad boy rocker Brady and his amazing boyfriend Etienne. These guys are scorching hot together.  And did I mention Brady has super powers?  (Katey is also donating a copy of Riot Boy to our giveaway)

First off we have a guest post by S.L. Armstrong from Storm Moon Press.  She is sharing some of the things they like about rock star books.  She will also be telling us more about the rocker books they have coming up, including a call for submissions for their upcoming Glam Rock anthology (and they are donating a copy to our giveaway).

In the afternoon I have a review of Lovegames by M. Jules Aedin.  This features a sexy rocker and a gorgeous actor who are an established couple that like to play with a third. But when they meet an adorable, sparkly college student they just might want to keep him!  Aedin has donated a copy of her book to the giveaway as well.

In the morning I will be reviewing Reverb by Jet Mykles.  This is a totally different take on the rock star world than the Heaven Sent books and was really fabulous.  I loved this story of love and redemption.

Later on I will be reviewing With the Band by L.A. Witt.  This one is scorching hot! It features two bandmates who are both in the closet, not to mention they can’t let on to the band they are dating.  And did I mention scorching hot?  L.A. has donated a copy of With the Band to our giveaway.

Friday morning I will be reviewing American Love Songs by Ashlyn Kane.  This was a book I picked up based on all your recommendations, and you guys have good taste! It was great.  Such a sweet story that follows the parallel growth of a band on the rise and the love between two of its members.  Really good.

And for our last review of the week, I will be sharing my thoughts on More Than Moonlight by Piper Vaughn and M.J. O’Shea.  This is a free prequel to their book Moonlight Becomes You and is a series of three short stories about the band when they are just getting started.  Piper and M.J. are also donating a copy of Moonlight Becomes You to our giveaway.

On Saturday I will wrap things up and will share our list of favorite rock star romances compiled from throughout the week.

Saturday will also be the last day to enter to win our amazing giveaways (in addition to the ones mentioned above, we have books by Cat Grant, Megan Derr, J.L. Merrow, Devon Rhodes, and Louisa Edwards).

Whew, so busy week, yes?  I am so excited, I can’t wait to start! Rock on!

P.S. For those of you following along, with the exception of Monday when I have three posts, most days the new posts will go up at 7 am and 12:30 pm EST.