Hello everyone and a huge welcome to all our new followers!

This has been an exciting and crazy week here on the blog!  Thank you again for everyone who helped make Rock Star Week such as success!  I enjoyed reading all your comments and appreciate everyone who stopped by over the week.  And of course an enormous thank you to all the authors/publishers who donated prizes for our amazing giveaway.  If you missed any of the RSW posts, be sure to check out last week’s Coming This Week post. I have linked to each of the posts from there so you can quickly jump to them all.  Also, be sure to stop by the Rock Star Week Wrap Up for a list of our favorite rockers and favorite rock star stories.  I had a great time and look forward to doing it again next year!  As for upcoming theme weeks, my goal is to plan the next one for this summer. I’ll have a poll up in the next couple of months to get your thoughts on the next theme (I am thinking athletes, cowboys, or police/fire/rescue).

But don’t you all worry. Even with the excitement of Rock Star Week ending, I still have lots of great stuff for you all this week.

On Monday I will have a review of Heidi Cullinan’s upcoming A Private Gentleman. This was a great historical about two damaged heroes (oh, we love the damaged ones, don’t we?).  I just loved this one and can’t wait to tell you all about it.

Also on Monday I’ll be reviewing A Heart’s Greater Silence by Anne Brooke.  This is a bit of a nontraditional romance about a man torn between the boyfriend he loves and the priest who is his lover.  Very interesting and thought provoking.

On Tuesday, Anne Brooke will be here as part of her blog tour for A Heart’s Greater Silence.  She will be sharing with us her favorite Christmas memory, as well as bringing some great giveaways.

On Wednesday I’ll be reviewing Cinder by Marie Sexton.  This is a spin on the classic Cinderella story.  It is a great fairy tale story and lots of fun.

Then on Thursday I have a review of Love & Loyalty by Tere Michaels.  It is about the romance between a police officer and a screen writer developing a movie about one of his cases.  I really enjoyed this one.

And finally on Friday I’ll be reviewing two short stories.  There will be a review of When Love Walked In by Charlie Cochet, a Depression-era historical about a private investigator and a guy down on his luck. I’ll also have a review of Immortal Valentine by Ellis Carrington, a Valentine’s Day paranormal short.

So it should be another fun week!  Look forward to chatting with you all! Hope everyone has a great Valentine’s Day (whether you are with a partner or enjoying some quality alone time!)    😉  Jay