Hello everyone!  Hope you all had a great week.  We had crazy unseasonably warm weather here.  It feels like spring and makes me want to spend all day sitting outside reading a book in the grass.

Lots going on blog-wise though.  As  I mentioned last week, Melanie and Sammy are going to be joining Joyfully Jay as guest reviewers and they have both been reading like crazy!  I have reviews from both of them this week and lots of great things lined up.

Before we jump into this week, just wanted to issues two quick thanks for some great stuff last week.  First, thanks to Storm Grant who brought us a great discussion of m/m romance.  And another thanks to Sammy for sharing her A Book I Love post (and thanks to Josh Lanyon for stopping by the post as well).

Ok, on to this week!  We are busy busy over here!

On Monday we will start off with a review of Mate Hunt by Amber Kell.  This is a dragon shifter book about a young prince sent off the the dragon planet to find his mate.

Later on Monday, Melanie will be reviewing Opposite Day, a short story by Erica Kealey about a guy having a bad day who decides to take a chance on someone who is the total opposite of his normal type.

On Tuesday I will be reviewing Camwolf by J.L. Merrow.  I really liked this werewolf story featuring a college professor and a university student.

Then on Wednesday, Erica Pike will be here to share an excerpt from her book A Life Without You.  She is giving away a copy of the book to one commenter.

Also on Wednesday, I’ll be reviewing L.A. Witt’s newest book Where There’s Smoke.  This is a great story about a campaign manager and his candidate running for governor of California.  Lots of crazy sexual tension!

On Thursday I’ll have a review of Dark Soul Volume #4 by Aleksandr Voinov.  Things are really heating up as this series nears its conclusion.  I am enjoying it to so much.

Also on Thursday, Sammy will have a review of The Rebuilding Year by Kaje Harper.  This is a story about two guy’s whose lives are in upheaval and are able to find happiness with one another.

Then on Friday author Cornelia Grey will be here for a guest post and blog visit.  Also on Friday, Melanie will have a review of Chrysalis by Emily Gould about a shy college student who ends up with a hot date after a bit of mistaken identity.

So that should wrap things up.  I also wanted to give a quick mention that registration information is starting to come out for the Gay Rom Lit retreat this fall.  It will be in Albuquerque this year and it sounds like it is going to be an amazing time for readers and authors of m/m romance.  I am planning to go and am so excited!  If you want to check it out, their initial information is posted on the GayRomLit site (and even if you don’t, it is worth it to see the hunky cowboy and his yummy treasure trail on the homepage and brochure!).