Rock stars. What isn’t to love about these creative, emotive, and beautiful people? The sad thing is, there just isn’t enough fiction starring them! Maybe it’s because most authors can’t imagine that world, or perhaps think it’s such a cliché dream, but whatever the reason, Storm Moon Press thinks there needs to be more. From the classic rocker who lives hard and parties hard to the sensitive songwriter who is still searching for his big break, if it’s about musicians, their lives, and their loves, we definitely want to see it.

There is so much to be explored! That classic romantic plot of the nobody fan meeting the rock star and being chosen as the one above all the groupies and famous peers. The undiscovered talent toiling away at open mic nights, discovered, and dazzled by the new life they have, all while wanting to find that one person who sees them as more than a paycheck. The indie musician scraping by just to see their music out in the stores and finding love while on tour. The older rocker, thinking himself long forgotten, but their partner believing in them, pushing them, giving them the inspiration to try for a comeback. Or even that producer who falls for the artist he’s currently cultivating? And that doesn’t even go into the more lurid areas of bisexuality, promiscuity, drug addiction, alcohol use, parties, the downward spiral, the band breaking up… oh, the possibilities are endless!

Gay and bisexual rockers and those in the music industry are what Storm Moon Press is looking for. Right now, we have an anthology call out for short stories starring bisexual glam rockers called Glam Rock. We want decadent and heart-pounding stories starring these volatile, intense men and their relationships! You can find all the information you need at our anthology submissions page on the site. The anthology’s deadline in November 30, 2012. We can’t wait to see those David Bowie-esque rock stars showing off their talent, loving those they let close, all while being lost in the decadence of the time.

Once Glam Rock‘s submissions close, we will officially open our line call entitled Rockers which will focus on longer works dedicated to rock stars and their world. Rockers will focus on novellas and novels involving gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered men and women in the world of the rock star. Heavy metal, country, indie, political, pop… the type of rocker is endless, as is the area of music an author can choose to play in. Producer, songwriter, drummer – the fantasies are plentiful, and we certainly hope authors and readers will jump on board with us on this one.

The world of the rock star is bright, fast-paced, and full of ups and downs some of us can barely imagine. We at Storm Moon Press truly hope that authors will hear the call of the readers and offer up some truly awesome tales of the sexy men who live those glamorous and gritty lives. Now that we’ve shared some of our ideas on what we’d love to see, maybe readers can comment and share their own hopes for the genre. What sort of stories would you snatch up without pause and devour?

S.L. Armstrong is the managing editor of Storm Moon Press and the co-author of Other Side of Night: Bastian & Riley and Catalyst. She can be found at and on Twitter @_slarmstrong.

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