Buy Link: Opposite Day
Author: Erica Kealey
Publisher: Less Than Three Press
Length: Short Story

Rating: 4.75

Davis Wheaton is having the bad day of all bad days. His live-in boyfriend has cheated on him (not the first boyfriend to do so), his job and family are strangling him in expectations and demands, and it is pouring outside. Unbelievably, his day gets worse. Standing at the bus stop, a passing car hits the puddle in front of him and he’s drenched.

Enter Brody Simons, hot, handsome, and the driver of the car that just soaked him. Brody is the opposite of every man Davis has ever dated and not the type of man his family would find acceptable. When Brody offers Davis a ride home to make up for the soaking, a range of choices appear before him. There is the safe, normal path…refuse the ride and go on as usual. Or take a chance and do the opposite of what he has always done. What will Davis choose?

This is a delight of a book. Winning characters, great dialog, and realistic scenes combine to present a picture of a life on hold until an unexpected opportunity offers Davis the chance to make a change. Davis charmed me right from the beginning. Kealey makes it so easy to empathize with him. Davis’ frustrations are our frustrations. The tone is just right for someone feeling boxed in but stymied in his attempts to move forward. Brody is another great character, sympathetic, easy going, and willing to take a chance on rejection from a “suit.” Brody has layers to him and that pulls in the reader and Davis at the same time.

All of this happens in 11,000 words. Opposite Day is a book small in size but not in heart. By the end of the book, I wanted to buy an “Opposite Day” t-shirt or make Opposite Day a national holiday. Trust me…it would do us all good. So does reading this book. I think you’ll love it.

Cover: I wish they had chosen any color other than red here. The color choice makes me want to look away and the black font makes it hard to read the author’s name.