Title: More Than Moonlight
Authors: Piper Vaughn and M.J. O’Shea
Length: Short Story

Rating: 4.75

More Than Midnight is a set of three short stories that serve as a prequel to Vaughn and O’Shea’s Moonlight Becomes You. I haven’t read the longer novel so this was my first exposure to the boys from the band Luck.

In First Night, Luck is having their first ever performance, playing cover songs for a high school dance.  Lead singer Jesse Seider is incredibly nervous and on the verge of throwing up, but his best friend Shane Ventura helps him to calm down.  Joined by Shane’s brother Nick and drummer Dre, the band has a successful first show.  We learn that Shane and Jesse have known each other about eight months, ever since Jesse helped tutor Shane in school.  And we definitely get the feeling that Jesse has feelings for Shane, but he can’t quite let himself believe anything could happen between them.  This story gives us a nice introduction to the band and its members.  It is sweet to see the guys just starting out and looking toward a bright future.

Me Too jumps ahead about a year and a half.  It is a few weeks after Shane and Jesse have kissed for the first time and Jesse is still very insecure about himself and the relationship. Shane is gorgeous and more experienced and Jesse is self-conscious about his body, wondering what Shane sees in him.  When Jesse finally gets up the nerve to initiate some kissing with Shane, things get more physical, but the guys are still taking it very slow.  Yet the emotional connection between them has grown very strong, and although they are not quite ready to admit it, they are falling in love.

For Real begins not long after the previous story.  The guys are dating, although they have not yet told the rest of the band.  When Jesse comes over to Shane’s house after Shane has some problems at home, comfort begins to turn to passion.  Jesse is still incredibly insecure about his appearance and wary of even removing his shirt in front of Shane, especially because Shane is so attractive.  Shane reassures Jesse how much he cares for him and how attractive he finds him.  The guys take things further than ever before, both physically as well as emotionally, talking about being together forever.

This was my first introduction to the Lucky Moon series as I haven’t read Moonlight Becomes You.  It appears to take place well before the events of that book, giving you a taste of where it all began for the band.  I really loved these stories of young love and found them incredibly sweet and romantic.  I love the contrast between the more confident Shane and the nervous Jesse (and you know how I love my virgin heroes!).  I also appreciated how Shane sees beyond Jesse’s somewhat geeky exterior and how much of an effort he makes to be sure Jesse knows how much he cares for him and how attractive Jesse is to him.

I really enjoyed these short stories and they have made me all the more anxious to get my hands on Moonlight Becomes You, as well as the soon-to-be published sequel.  Great stories and a great introduction to the band and the guys.

More Than Midnight can be downloaded for free at Goodreads or All Romance Ebooks.

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