Title: When Love Walked In
Author: Charlie Cochet
Publisher: Torquere Press
Length: Short Story

Rating: 4.25

Bruce Shannon is a Depression-era private detective.  He is gruff and grumbly, but a guy with a good heart underneath.  One night when returning home, he finds a homeless man sleeping on his apartment landing.  Although his landlord told Bruce to send the man back onto the streets, Bruce is drawn to the young man and he instead invites him in for food and shelter for the night.

Jace Scarret can’t believe his luck when Bruce shows him such kindness, especially when he realizes Bruce wants nothing in return.  After Jace’s former lover took his money and left him destitute, Jace has been living on the streets and in halfway houses, unable to find a job in the terrible economy.  When Bruce not only offers him food and shelter, but also a job at his office, Jace is thrilled at the opportunity.  And with a little time, it looks like there might be a chance for even more than friendship between the men.

I haven’t read too many Depression-era stories so I really enjoyed the chance to read a historical outside of the typical Regency England.  Cochet does a nice job of evoking the atmosphere and the language of the time period.  Bruce and Jace were both likable characters and I felt like a got a good sense of them even in such a short story. It is a quick book, however, and we only get a brief glimpse into their lives and a sense that things will come together for them in the future.  I will admit to wondering at Bruce’s boldness to initiate things romantically with Jace since we didn’t see any outwards signs that Jace is interseted in men. I would think during this time period that would be a risky gamble.  But overall I enjoyed the story and thought it was a sweet little nibble for Valentine’s Day.  I will be looking forward to reading more by this author.