You guys, I am so excited about the many amazing giveaways we have for Rock Star Week! We have so many generous authors and publishers who have donated books to help us celebrate this week.  Hurray!

Because I have so many books to give away, I am running one giant contest post.  PLEASE be sure to read all the details about entering the giveaway at the end of the post.  The rules are a bit different because this is an ENORMOUS giveaway, so please read the specifics before entering.

Here are the great giveaway prizes (more below the jump)…

The Missing Butterfly and Tabloid Trouble by Megan Derr
The Missing Butterfly
Cassidy Monarch had dreams to sing, to be famous, to tour the world at the head of his own rock band. Then his parents were killed in a tragic accident, leaving him to raise his two siblings. Determined to hold on to what remained of his family, Cassidy settled into an ordinary life, his dreams of fame reduced to occasional nights of singing at karaoke dives. But his careful, ordinary life began to fray with his new job, and the beautiful, charming boss who reminds him of all the things he tried to stop wanting.

Malcolm Osborne is a classic rags to riches story, a foster child who wound up with the perfect family and more money than he knows what to do with. He’s wealthy, beautiful, successful, and completely miserable. Then he hires a new worker for his office, a young, hard-working man with a sadness in his eyes that Malcolm aches to banish, hoping that in doing so he will be rid of his own loneliness as well.

Tabloid Trouble
The danger of being a star is that everybody watches, waiting for the star to fall. Cassidy hasn’t seen his lover Malcolm in two months, their drastically different schedules conspiring to keep them apart. He’s deathly afraid of what will happen when his lover steps off the plane, and the first thing that greets him is the tabloid shots of Cassidy kissing someone else.

A Fool for You by Cat Grant
Sexy Chase Aubrey plays blues guitar like nobody’s business. One look at him performing at a New York nightclub, and twenty-year-old keyboard player Brian Barclay’s smitten.

However, Brian remains true to his boyfriend Kit-until Kit cheats on him and steals all the songs they’ve written together. With nowhere else to go, Brian turns to his estranged father, Trevor, and Trevor’s partner, Cameron. But even Cameron can’t smooth over the tension between father and son.

Brian’s in need of a friend, and Chase fills the role nicely-and quickly heats up the sheets with him as well. The passion between them is mind-blowing, until Brian discovers Chase’s secret past. A past he’s run from for years. And when the past threatens the present, Brian can’t help wondering if the love of his life has played him for a fool.

With the Band by L.A. Witt
Hard rock band Schadenfreude is finally on the verge of the success that’s eluded them for the last several years. With Aaron McClure as their new lead singer, nothing’s going to stop them…except maybe a steamy, secret relationship between Aaron and bassist Bastian Koehler. Aaron knows all too well what can happen when band members get involved with each other. After all, his last band was a casualty of his last relationship, and Schadenfreude forbids band members from dating for that very reason. But Bastian is too hot to resist, and besides, it’s just sex, so what’s the harm?

Bastian has just gotten out of a long relationship with his volatile ex-fiancée when Aaron catches his eye. The sexy singer is irresistible, and in spite of the potential for strife within the band if this comes out, Bastian can’t help himself.

Their passion in the bedroom is rivaled only by their ambition as musicians, though, and pretty soon, it’s going to tear them, and Schadenfreude apart, if they can’t get back to playing with the band.

Riot Boy by Katey Hawthorne
Etienne never thought getting his pocket picked could lead to a first date. He knows the second he catches punk boy Brady’s eye that the guy is pure trouble, but Et can’t resist his wicked sense of humor, pretty face, cold hands — and the “piss off” swagger when Brady’s on stage with his band doesn’t hurt, either.

From Rimbaud to Buzzcocks to Malbec to handcuffs, they introduce each other to their favorite pleasures, and the chemistry is unstoppable. But Brady disappears in the night, won’t give Etienne a phone number, doesn’t talk about his past; Etienne’s never known someone so hungry for affection but with so many trust issues. Et would give all he has, but he has the feeling Brady needs saving from something before he can take what Et offers.

Then, the “something” shows up: Brady’s dangerous family, all of them more than human — including Brady, who has the ability to supercool matter with the slightest touch. Throw in the family talent for criminal activity, and it’s an explosion waiting to happen.

Et wants to help him escape his past, but if Brady keeps disappearing, he may not get the chance.

Lovegames by M. Jules Aedin
Adam and Keith like playing games in the bedroom — and in the hot tub and in the elevator and backstage at a concert — and they really like inviting other people to play with them. But when they both get a little more attached to Sebastian than they intended to, the rules of the game change.

Sebastian is just a journalism major trying to take control of his life when his plans get blown out of the water by a surprise one-night-stand with his favorite actor and the actor’s rock star boyfriend. What should have just been a great party story turns into an emotional entanglement that shakes his world, and he’s not prepared for the spotlight or what’s hiding in the shadows it casts.


Glam Rock Anthology by Storm Moon Press
Storm Moon Press is a micropublisher specializing in GLBT and alternative lifestyles genre fiction with an emphasis on erotica and erotic romance titles. For Rock Star Week here at Joyfully Jay, they are offering a pre-order digital and print bundle of the Glam Rock anthology coming April 2013, or, if you don’t want to wait that long, any one digital title from their catalog on the store page, excluding titles currently only available for pre-order and Crescendo.

Moonlight Becomes You by Piper Vaughn and M.J. O’Shea
(Lucky Moon #1)

Eleven years ago Shane Ventura made the biggest mistake of his life when he caved in to pressure from his record label to kick his best friend Jesse Seider out of their band, Luck. Though he had a gorgeous voice, Jesse wasn’t beautiful and didn’t fit the label’s ideal look. But Shane’s never wanted anyone else more, and all the sex and alcohol in the world can’t fill the void Jesse left behind.

As his thirty-second birthday approaches, Shane’s more miserable than ever. Even the prospect of teaming up with Britain’s hottest band, Moonlight, for an epic world tour can’t get him out of his depressive funk. Until he meets lead singer, Kayden Berlin, and falls into instant lust.

Though Kayden acts like he’s not interested, Shane knows he feels the spark between them. The harder Shane pushes, the more Kayden pulls away. Then one explosive night things finally come to a head and Shane is left nursing a broken heart. That seems to be Shane’s lot — lucky at everything but love. But there’s a lesson in store for Shane: when it comes to love, you can’t always leave things to chance.

Theme of Hearts by K-lee Klein
(Glitter Fox .5)

Gage Galeano’s career is soaring: he has his best friend, lover, and bandmate by his side and Glitter Fox is everything they always wanted their band to be. Their latest concert was a success, and Gage is so high on life he can almost forget it’s his least favorite day of the year. Almost.

But Gage’s plans to forget the day exists are scrapped when he’s enticed into a car by an usual word. Rylan Rivers knows that Gage hates the dual meaning of Valentine’s Day, but he’s determined to make this year’s dreaded day memorable in a very sexy way.

One Wild Wish and One More Wish by Devon Rhodes
One Wild Wish
For Rory, his band landing a well-paid private gig at a wild, remote mountain lodge is a wish come true. He needs the money bad enough to go along with all the strange clauses in their contract with the mysterious group. The one that specifies everyone must be in committed relationships? Hell, he can just fake it for a week with his bandmate, Benny.  Jared has his hands full trying to manage this year’s Solstice ceremony with his nephew and heir, Curtis, coming of age and into his powers. Giving in to Curtis’s request to book the band was probably a huge mistake, but with ironclad rules in place, Jared should be able to keep the youngsters under control. Or so he thinks, until he meets Rory. Suddenly, he’s fighting for his own control. And when Rory’s past catches up with him, it threatens to expose Jared’s biggest secret… his clan’s very existence. The good news? Rory’s nemesis has finally given up on him. The bad news? He’s taken Curtis….

One More Wish
Benny Oshiro is having the time of his life at a private gig for his band, One Wish, until he’s assaulted and kidnapped by their former manager. When his rescue—or more accurately his rescuer—gets a little hairy, Benny knows he should reconsider their sparking attraction, but no one has ever looked at Benny with the naked want that Curtis does—want Benny can’t help but return.

Curtis Salinas knows at first sight that Benny is the only one for him. But now is not the time to test Curtis’s newly developed control. Outside forces are at work, threatening to expose his family’s secret, and when Benny is kidnapped a second time, Curtis realizes the enemy he’s searching for is only half the problem. To ensure a secure and happy future, he must also face down his doubts and claim Benny for his own.

Batteries Not Included by J.L. Merrow
How would you react if you woke up one morning to find you were in bed with your favorite pop star? More to the point: how would the pop star react? Sam’s celebrity crush, Cain Shepney, isn’t so pleased to wake up with a stranger, but that’s far from the worst shock the day has in store for them both! Sam’s used to his mother messing with his love life, but this time, Lilith may really have gone too far.

Market Trilogy by Louisa Edwards
Can’t Stand the Heat, On the Steamy Side, and Just One Taste
The Market Trilogy consists of three contemporary romances set in the high-stakes restaurant world of Manhattan. My heroes are actually chefs–but one hero, Sous Chef Frankie Boyd, also plays bass for a punk band at an after-hours bar. Frankie is bi, and in Can’t Stand the Heat, he meets Jess Wake, a young man just coming into his own…and the sparks are instantaneous. Jess and Frankie’s love grows, deepens, and is challenged in On the Steamy Side, and in Just One Taste (spoiler alert!) they fight their way back to each other. To experience their story, you really have to read all three books, which is why Louisa is offering the entire trilogy for the Rock Star Week giveaway.

Giveaway Details
So lots of fabulous prizes, yes? To enter the contest leave a comment below telling us your favorite rocker (real or fictional). But guys, as promised, there are rules to this thing.  I am putting my Mom hat and asking you to PLEASE pay attention and actually read this part.  Because this is a big giveaway I am going to have to be strict about how it works or it will take forever to give out all the prizes.  These contest rules are different than my normal giveaways so listen up…

  1. All commenters on this post will be entered into the giveaway.  The contest will close at 11:59 pm EST on Saturday, February 11th.
  2. The first winner drawn will be able to pick from any of the above books.  Then I will move on to the second person drawn who can choose from the remaining books, and continue in this way until all the books are selected. When an author has more than one book listed, they are both/all being given away to one winner.
  3. Everyone who leaves a comment will be entered in the contest.  However, since this is such a big giveaway I am giving folks the chance to earn extra entries.  If you are a blog Follower, give yourself an additional +1 entry (sign up on the right-hand sidebar).  If you are a Twitter follower, give yourself an additional +1 entry.  So everyone gets at least one entry and you can get up to three (and it is not cheating to sign up now). Be sure to note on your comment if you are entitled to extra entries (and if you follow using a different name than your comment with, be sure to note that too).
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  5. And last thing, you will have 24 hours to respond to my Congratulations! post before I will move on to the next winner (instead of the usual 48 hours). Again, gotta keep this thing moving.
I think that is it. Thanks again to all the generous folks who donated books. I think we can all agree they are awesome, yes?