This month I have lots of fabulous covers to share with you.  It was an especially good month!  Here are some highlights of covers for books we read during February.

The Heart’s Greater Silence by Anne Brooke
Cover art by Jordan Taylor

I loved this one.  Beautiful image and very haunting.  Definitely captures the feeling of the book.

Counterpunch by Aleksandr Voinov
Cover art by Nathie

This artist does such beautiful illustrations.  Brooklyn and Nathaniel look just like described and the artwork is gorgeous.

Burn by T.J. Klune
Cover art by Catt Ford

This cover totally captures the plot of the book with the Elementals and main character’s power over the fire.  Really interesting and unusual.

Dark Soul Volume 4 by Aleksandr Voinov
Cover art by Jordan Taylor

Once again Taylor just knocks it out of the park with this one. I can’t remember ever reading a series with such consistently beautiful covers.  So gorgeous and moving and lovely all at the same time.

The Amethyst Cat Caper by Charlie Cochet
Cover art by Alessia Brio

This cover totally captures the period feel of this 1930s story and the color picks up on a theme throughout the book.  Really striking.

The Ronin and the Fox by Cornelia Grey
Cover art by Nathie

This is another beautiful cover by Nathie.  I love how it conveys so many things at once – the culture, the playfulness of the trickster spirit, and the fantasy element – all in one beautiful illustration.

Where He Belongs by Rachel Haimowitz
Cover art by Nathie

Ok, I think this one is my favorite cover of the month, again by the fabulous Nathie. Daniel is gorgeous and so clearly haunted at the same time.  This picture totally evokes the feel of the story and the pain of the character. So wonderfully done.

Equilibrium by Katey Hawthorne
Cover art by P.L. Nunn

I just adore Nunn’s work and love this cover.  Fun and funky and total gives off that superhero vibe from the story.  Even with the animated style, the guys feel just like Sam and Hansen.

Best Gift Ever by Katey Hawthorne
Cover art by Astro

This is a short follow up to Equilibruim and I love that even with a different cover artist, it is just as beautiful. It is interesting to see two different artists capture the same character and even though their styles are different, it is clear that they are both still Sam.  Love this one.