Less Than Three Press released a series of short stories for Valentine’s Day which have been published individually as well as in bundles.  Today we are reviewing four of the stories from these Kiss Me Quick bundles.

Review by Melanie
Title: The Wrong Note
Author: Isabella Carter
Kiss Me Quick Bundle #1
Rating: 4.25

Rue has a problem.  The new store next to his is blaring its music so loud he can’t think, and the new owner is taking his parking spot.  What is a guy to do?

When he can’t stand it anymore, Rue rushes over to confront the owner and meets Jocelyn.  Green eyes, triple earrings, and oh so hot.

Now he has a new problem.

This was such a cute story, perfect for Valentine’s Day.  There are really only four characters in the whole story, all well done in such a short length.  I could feel Rue’s frustration building as the heavy metal pounded through the walls, and his snarky assistant rolling her eyes at her boss.  Short, sweet but not sappy.

Review by Jay
Title: The Key
Author: M.J. O’Shea
Kiss Me Quick Bundle #2
Rating: 4.5

We first meet Dallas and Brooklyn in Bridges, a free short story written for the M/M Romance board’s Hot Summer Days Event.  In that book we follow the guys the summer after high school when they fall in love, leaving them as they embark on college together.  The Key picks up about six months after their first kiss and things aren’t going so smoothly, at least from Brooklyn’s perspective. With jobs and classes and studying, the two guys barely have time to spend together and Brooklyn worries Dallas is pulling away.  When Valentine’s Day comes around, Brooklyn is sure that Dallas is ready to end things.  But fortunately there is happy ending in store for them after all.

This is a really sweet story and I love seeing Dallas and Brooklyn again.  I did reread Bridges right beforehand so it is a bit hard to separate them, especially since Bridges is a much longer and more developed story.  But this was a really enjoyable little short and I think fans of the guys will like seeing them again settling into their lives.  And for those readers who missed Bridges, definitely go check it out as it is a wonderful story that is sweetly romantic and very lovely.

Review by Jay
Title: Love & Patience
Author: K-lee Klein
Kiss Me Quick Bundle #2
Rating: 4

Every year Anael and Del spend a week together in a remote cabin. Anael is the Angel of Romantic Love and he gets one week a year to live as a human. The first year, he and Del accidentally booked the same cabin, and now they return year after year to see one another. It is a romantic relationship, but not fully sexual, because engaging in sex would cause Anael to lose his wings and be forced to live on Earth forever. But now Anael is realizing that being with Del may be what he really wants and must decide if it is worth giving up the life he knows to get it.

This story is quite flowery and romantic and sweet.  I think in a longer story it might have been a bit over the top, but it works nicely for a Valentine’s Day short.  Klein manages to incorporate some nice world building in a small number of pages and I enjoyed both Del and Anael.

Review by Jay
Title: Giving In
Author: Piper Vaughn
Kiss Me Quick Bundle #2
Rating: 4.5

Giving In revisits Jonah and Laurie, two guys from Vaughn’s free Hot Summer Days story, Wanting. When we first meet them, Jonah is about ready to start college and lusting after his older brother’s best friend Laurie. When Jonah asks Laurie to take his virginity, Laurie is shocked, but soon realizes he really cares for Jonah. The two ultimately start a relationship that brings them both to school together in Wisconsin. In Giving In, it is Valentine’s Day, and Jonah once again shocks Laurie, this time by asking him for some kinky superhero role play (Jonah has a thing for Batman and Superman). Once again, Laurie’s initial instinct is to say no; he is embarrassed and uncomfortable with the idea. But Laurie’s strong reaction hurts Jonah’s feelings. Fortunately, Laurie knows just how to make it up to him!

This was a cute story and a great way to revist Laurie and Jonah. They are so sweet together and you can see that even though they have grown into their relationship, Laurie is still a bit of a caregiver and Jonah is still young and playful. And I got a kick out of the Jonah’s kinky fantasy (apparently he is not the only one into Superman/Batman slash!). I reread Wanting right before starting Giving In, and I would definitely recommend starting with the free story. It is a wonderful novella-length freebie and provides a great introduction to the two guys. Giving In is a very sweet and fun story and a great way to enjoy Jonah and Laurie once again.