Title: Thief
Author: Ava March
Publisher: Carina Press
Length: Novel

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Rating: 4.5

Lord Benjamin Parker has long suspected that he is gay, but he has finally worked up the nerve to settle the matter once and for all.  He has decided to visit a club known for being a place for men looking for other men in hopes of finding someone to share a night with and determine his real feelings.  When Benjamin meets Cavin Fox over the gaming table, he is instantly drawn to the man.  The two spend a passionate night together with Benjamin sharing that Cavin is the first man with whom he has ever been intimate.

Cavin is a thief who came to the gambling hell with his usual purpose – find a mark, seduce him, and steal his money afterwards.  Yet from the moment he meets Benjamin, he knows this man is different.  Cavin can’t bring himself to steal from Benjamin after they share their special night.  In fact, he finds himself unable to steal again at all.  His employer and protector certainly won’t settle for Cavin no longer bringing in money, and Cavin must figure out an honest way to support himself.  Although Benjamin cares for him deeply and wants to help him, Cavin can’t imagine what the wealthy lord would ever want with a man like him.  But Benjamin does want him, and just must hope he can convince Cavin to take a chance on happiness together.

I really liked this story and so enjoyed Cavin and Benjamin together.  They are hot right from the start, but also both such good people (past thievery not withstanding).  Benjamin is truly able to put the past behind him and look at the man Cavin really is.  He is unpretentious, kind, and fiercely committed to Cavin and the relationship he hopes to have.  And despite his past, Cavin is a good man who cares for Benjamin and takes care of his young friend Sam.  He puts other’s needs ahead of his own over and over again.  So one cannot help but root for these guys to make it work and find happiness when they are so likable and good.

My only quibbles with this story are that perhaps things are a bit too perfect. Benjamin is just so good.  Kind to his servants, generous with his friends, never once batting an eye at Cavin’s past.  He is so perfect as to maybe be a bit unbelievable?  I guess I just wanted him to get a teeny bit mad now and then to show he is real.  I also think things tie up quite neatly with Cavin’s previous employer.  After Cavin steals away in the night along with his “brother” Sam, I expected there to be some consequences, but nothing ever materializes from this.  So just a little nitpicky, but I guess it would have felt a bit more real if everything wasn’t quite so pat.

But Ava March never disappoints me and I definitely enjoyed this sweet and lovely story. You can’t help but root for Cavin and Benjamin to find a way to work things out and be together.  Thief is the first book in a planned Brook Street trilogy and I am eagerly awaiting the next installment.  Definitely recommended.

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