Today I wanted to share with you guys a series that I read a while ago but has always held a bit of a soft spot in my heart, the Road Trip series by B.A. Tortuga.  I think of this series a bit like a summer popcorn movie – you aren’t going to spend hours analyzing its subtleties and it’s probably not going to win the Oscar, but it is fun, exciting, and you’ll have a great time with it.

I think I like it so much because the main characters are totally crazy and awesome at the same time.  The series focuses on two guys, environmental terrorist MJ and moonshine runner Sonny.  The meet in the first book when MJ accidentally trespasses on Sonny’s land, affecting one of his deliveries.  Kidnapping, explosions, and other crazy hijinks ensue.  In addition to a main story in each book, the series also carries an overarching plot related to MJ’s background and the guys’ efforts to fight back against the enemies that are after MJ.

As the series continues, a new couple is added in both the second and third books.  What I like is that each of the existing couples continues to be part of the story, so while we gain new characters, we never lose Sonny and MJ who remain the heart of the series.  By the third and fourth stories, all three couples are working together to defeat the bad guys.

And I say bad guys, but they really are just the “more” bad guys.  Because MJ and Sonny are wonderfully bad as well.  First off, they are both criminals plain and simple.  They are fierce, strong-willed, and willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done with little regard for other people.  They are both probably a little psychotic and playing nice with others isn’t their strong suit.

But despite all that, they are fiercely committed to and totally in love with one another.  Either one would do anything to help or defend his lover (including quite literally taking a bullet) and would kick your ass without a second thought if you were threatening his guy.  I love that these are crazy, intense, fierce men, but they are totally mushy about one another (despite getting off on fighting, biting, and other adrenaline-fueled sexual pleasures).  These guys are hot for each other, and when I say they have sex constantly, I am barely exaggerating.  They fuck like bunnies pretty much anywhere and everywhere.  Constantly. So they are super hot, but be forewarned if you are someone who needs more plot interwoven with your sex.

I wish I could put my finger on just what I like about these books, because they are not my usual fare.  But something about MJ and Sonny’s total crazy combined with their love for one another just wins me over.  The books are fun, exciting, adrenaline fueled, and a little insane, just like our main characters.

Here is a quick recap of the books.  I think you can read the first book as a standalone (although you’d miss the continuation of the larger plot), but it would be tougher to jump in to books 2, 3 or 4 because you’d miss the elements that tie them all together.  Plus, I think you really need to read the first book to get MJ and Sonny.

Racing the Moon 
This first book introduces us to Sonny and MJ as they first meet. When MJ’s environmental terrorism messes up Sonny’s moonshine delivery, things start off heated between them. But after Sonny kidnaps MJ, the two end up finding more in each other than they expected. Both are dedicated tops and struggle for dominance, bickering and fighting and loving at the same time. When Michael goes off to finish a job, he runs into trouble and the men face guns, explosions, double crossing partners, and a whole host of problems together.

Steam and Sunshine
Although Sonny and MJ have been in semi-retirement since the first book, MJ decides to take a job for a quick payday, and of course, Sonny isn’t staying behind. MJ thinks his target is creating weapons for the government, but Paddy turns out to be just a pawn and fairly clueless about what is really going on. Neil, a man assigned to watch Paddy, is actually far more dangerous. But once the two men meet, there is no way Neil is letting anything happen to Paddy as the two fall in love. MJ and Sonny are determined to find out what is really going on with this government group and Neil and Paddy get dragged right into the chaos with them.  I loved Neil and especially Paddy, with his crazy whirring mind and childlike naivete.  Plus, Neil can read minds and watching he and Paddy have lots of kinky mental sex is lots of fun!

Under Pressure
After MJ and Sonny’s boat gets blown up, it is clear that their enemies are not behind them.  They meet up with Cowboy, an old friend of MJ’s who has been hired to kill college professor Duncan (though he can’t quite bring himself to do it).  Turns out Duncan shares some history with MJ.  Oh, and when he Duncan gets angry he pretty much turns into an Incredible Hulk super soldier minus the green skin.  When the guys look into the connections they learn that things with MJ’s old enemies are even more complicated than they seem and they face an even bigger challenge, even with all six men working together.

In this final book, MJ gives himself up to save Sonny’s life and Sonny will not rest until he has rescued him.  But he doesn’t even know if MJ is alive or what kind of mental and physical shape he will be in if they find him.  Yet there is no way he is giving up on MJ and Sonny gathers the gang back together to find him.  Then the men must face the final showdown against the Program in hopes of at last putting an end to the dangers they have faced.

So that pretty much sums it up.  Lots of fun, lots of explosions, lots of crazy, lots of sex.  If that sounds good to you, be sure to check out this series by B.A. Tortuga.