Amazon Link: Promise in a Kiss
Author: Piper Vaughn
Publisher: Less Than Three Press
Length: Short Story

Rating: 4

At the age of ten, Darren McGraw proposes to his best friend Adam.  The boys think they will be friends forever, but Adam’s family soon relocates to Japan and the boys lose touch.

Fifteen years later, Darren finds his mind wandering back to his childhood friend, wondering if Adam remembers the promise that they made to one day marry.  With his romantic life going nowhere, Darren allows his friend Kim to convince him to look up Adam and reconnect.  Although he realizes the chances of Adam remembering the promise, still being into him, or even being gay are probably pretty slim, he also realizes that he has nothing to lose but a bit of pride (and a pricey plane ticket).  As it turns out, Adam has had Darren on his mind as well.  And maybe that promise from so long ago might not be as crazy as it seems.

This is a sweet short story with a romantic, fairy tale vibe.  Yes, it takes a bit of leap of faith as a reader to imagine someone flying to Japan to rekindle a relationship with someone he hasn’t seen for 15 years (and not at all as an adult).  But if you are going to enjoy this story, you just sort of need to go with it.  Same thing for the perfect alignment of coincidences and misunderstandings throughout the story.  For a longer book, this might have made me crazy, but for this length story I could handle it. The tone and flow of the book is sweetly romantic, and these things just fit.

My favorite part was the beginning when Adam asks Darren why he wants to marry him.  Darren’s reasons?   So they can kiss all the time, live in the same house, and stay up as late as they want every night. Good reasons, even as adults!

Promise in a Kiss is a cute, sweet story which I enjoyed.

Cover Review: Gorgeous cover and it captures so much about the story – the plane tickets, the wedding rings, the Japanese flavor.  Really beautiful.